The Original Maserati Ghibli Proves The Jaguar XJS V12 Is the Cheapest V12 Sports Car On Earth 1 day ago   21:40

Doug DeMuro


The original Maserati Ghibli, from the 1960s and 1970s, shows us why Maserati used to be great -- even though Maserati isn't very desirable anymore. Today I'm reviewing a 1971 Maserati Ghibli SS to show you a time when Maserati used to be cool.

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Doug DeMuro
As I write this: 100 comments about the car. 2,600 comments about the turn signal being on.

Yes, I know it was on. I wasn't driving the car at the time. I could not turn off the Maserati's turn signal from the Toyota I was following with, unless I had a very long stick.
Apsco Radiales
You are way, way too harsh on the marks you give it.
For example, styling is more like 15 out of 10!
Desireability is a thousand x a million!
And so on, and on.
One thing you did not mention - not sure even if you know, the Ghibli has a solid rear axle (not IRS), and it is sprung by leaf springs.
Ferrari and Lamborghinis of that vintage had IRS.
The Ghibli, Indy, and Ferrari Daytona as well as the Lamborghinis (Espada and Jarama) were fitted with XWX Michelin tires - creme-de-la-creme of the day.
Apsco Radiales
Those head lamps are not original. The original, like just about every Italian car at that time, had Carello's; those are Cibie lamps made in France.
Apsco Radiales
The holes behind the driver and passenger - It's called "cross-ventilation", very common at that time, and car makers used to advertise that in their brochures. Most had continous slot at the bottom of the rear window to cross ventilate the cabin.
One car you really need to do is Vector. Put some likes so we can see a Vector.
Sounds a bit like the car chase in Bullitt.
I guess Mr. Walsh meant 185 km/h! ;)
Doug, the type of guy who annoys you on the highway

with his right blinker perpetually on...
Javig *
This car’s styling is an all time achievement, c’mon !!
Peter Franz
"...going around this corner probably a little faster than I should..." (minivan immediately passes Maserati on outside of curve). Doug. . .
you know that car was deigned with drug smuggling mules in mind .
Dmitri Kozlowsky
In these exotic European bespoke makes, the storage area had to be able to accommodate 2 pairs of skis. Just as in North America, most popular winter and early spring outing is down hill skiing. Thus a gentleman and his female companion, needed space to place their skis, poles, boots, and luggage. My Z4 BMW roadster, has this weird door between seats that when open is a tunnel to the trunk. This enable Z4 owner to carry 2 snowboards or two pairs of skis, with poles.
Imran Kalair
Doug the type of guy to wear 2 shirts in the desert in the summer
Bose de-Nage
The rear vents are to allow the doors to close without trapping air that would otherwise make them bounce open
George David
"The best sounding car"... Man.. the best sounding car means no sounds at all,... Hate them!
Ykpa'I'Ha- noHag yce!!!
Doug how long were you driving with a flashing turn signal?)
Ykpa'I'Ha- noHag yce!!!
крышка двигателя просто поражает как для 67 года
This review was good.
Nicholas Artuso
Maserati will assassinate this guy.
Vasia Pupkin
Well, looks like Maserati are keeping up with traditions.
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The Jaguar XJS V12 Is the Cheapest V12 Sports Car On Earth The Original Maserati Ghibli Proves 1 day ago   24:51


The Jaguar XJS V12 is the one of the cheapest V12 cars on the market. Today I'm showing you what makes the XJS V12 so cool -- and why the Jaguar XJS is the V12-powered sports car that nobody wants to own.

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