Wuhan to build 1,000 bed hospital Virus chinois: construction d’un 1 day ago   00:55

Construction began on the night of January 23 for a new specialized hospital for coronavirus patients in central China's Wuhan City. The hospital is designed to have an area of 25,000 square meters with 1,000 beds and will be put into use by February 3, officials said.

The special hospital is being built in the Caidian District in the western suburb of the city.

According to officials, the hospital will follow the building model of the Xiaotangshan Hospital. Beijing built the Xiaotangshan Hospital, a temporary medical center, to treat and control Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which had spread rapidly on the Chinese mainland in 2003. The hospital was completed in seven days and admitted one-seventh of the SARS patients in the country within two months, creating a miracle in the history of medicine.

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Why? A hospital is the place to catch the virus. Everyone stay home 24/7 for 4 weeks and wait
sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
The little tractors look like they're ballroom dancing lol
Razak Idris
*Medicine Resources* =

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Woody Woodpecker
Prayers for China. And damn I wish we could build something that fast.
Muhd Naqib
Makanla makanan hidup2 bdo xde akal padan muka
Kristeph The Valir&Yuumi Fan Est.2006
Hopefully,they finish this faster before it was going bad. After they finish this,they're going to fix this solution before 2021 and healed from China, Wuhan from the disease and save the country.

Dear Everyone from other countries,we bless you to give us healthy,safe,clean the environment,save our future,healing our bodies and give everybody(especially from China) to stop eating the different species of animals such as camels,bats,cattle and other species China's animal food.
We bless you all....
Stay safe everyone:)
Uzma Babur
GOD bless u peoples of china😢
Кофе Мой-Друг
ну и где стройка?
вижу - разравнивают площадку.
вижу - ряд машин.
а потом вижу в рекламном ролике из китая - вуаля! - уже готовое здание из стекала и бетона сложной конфигурации, которое стоит не известно где.
уж настолько грандиозный проект могли бы отснять в режиме онлайн.
Ianna Marie Dela Torre Pioquinto
Salute to these Chinese of how fast they are.
Christian Franke
WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Masks do not protect adequately !!!!!!!!!!! Corona is transmitted via droplets and smear infection. Humans also breathe through the skin. The virus can also penetrate directly into the body via unprotected areas such as ears or eyes. ...from contaminated fingers, sneezing or coughing. Please share, share, share
Epy Horry
Pray for wuhan
Nicos Theocharous
In my country we need 60 years to do this 😭
Mylene Mylz Pedroso
Wow! Hospital in one week!
Michal Andrej Molnár
I am happy of Chinas success but I am afraid of the possibility of war. Therefore I would advise the Chinese government to make friends with many countries as possible mainly Japan, South Korea, India and Europe so that they will be at least neutral in the event of war with the US. Also they should wait for the US to attack and build forces and prepare with the advantage of time on their side, also do not attack Taiwan. I hope that China will return to a planned economy as soon as they are developed enough and I would argue that they can partially do that already now. Hope this does not seem arrogant.
Nahi ho
While I'm happy that a hospital is being built in order to treat new patients I wouldn't congratulate China. In fact I don't understand why many people in the comment section are congratulating China. This virus was first noted in December but China remained silent about it. In January the government actually started responding and quarantining people. But this virus had already spread throughout China. This isn't a rapid response, it's a reactionary response to the fact that the virus is now global.
Give china a week they'll be wearing level 4 biosafety suits🙏🏼
china use cheat & game engine to build this LoL.
José María
200 people dont like that ? private health maybe ?
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Virus chinois: construction d’un Wuhan to build 1,000 bed hospital 1 day ago   00:53

Confrontées à des hôpitaux débordés, les autorités chinoises s'empressent de construire deux hôpitaux de plus de mille lits chacun en deux semaines, alors que le nombre de victimes de l'épidémie de pneumonie virale en Chine a bondi à 80 et 2.744 cas ont été confirmés dans le pays.

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