The Game that SHOCKED Laker Michael Jordan Career Highlights 11 months ago   09:06

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Kobe Bryant Full Game Highlights (Achilles injury) | Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors | April 12, 2013 | 2012-13 NBA Season | HOH Throwback in HD
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Must have been tough for Steph and Dray. They were physically present during Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson injuries.
Kobe's arguably the goat. If you really break it down, he could pretty much do everything Jordan could do, especially shooting, which he was better than MJ at. He also played in the west his whole career all the while the league evolved. Kobe's era was much more solid and harder to play in than Jordan's era. Jordan never had to deal with guys like Dirk, KD, Boston's big 3, Tim Duncan's Spurs, etc. AND for all you Kobe haters that like to say that he got carried by Shaq, I'll admit to y'all that Kobe definitely wasn't the best player on that 3-peat Laker team. He was 1B to Shaq's 1A. But what y'all don't understand is that he wasn't even in his PRIME yet.... Mind you 22 year old Kobe was averaging 30 along with Shaq's 30 during their 2001 playoff run. Let that sink in.......
Ange romeor
Those three throw jumping n dunking be killing nba players knee
Jimmy Wei
7:56 Kobe is about to cry.
Trap Invasion
Kobe is a legend..
Johnny Vex
This is the reason why Lebron will never be better than Kobe. The heart of Kobe that willed his team to come back and beat the Warriors. And play through pain and tear his achilis and still go shoot free throws with out help. Then come back and go out with a 60 point game to bring his team back to win the game! Stuff only true champion legend could do. #KOBETheG.O.A.T
Logan Stevens
He had 34 points not 33
Klay witnessed this and then six years later he does the same thing on a torn ACL.
Ever Quintanilla
The definition of greatness is Kobe Bryant this is a saddest moment in Basketball and Laker history also well. Kobe Bean Bryant got that association mentality he would literally take his opponents out and the thing I truthfully respect about him. He absolutely made no excuses whatsoever he just got there on the court and handled his business with that Mamba mentally he did whatever it took to win a basketball game. Kobe Bryant is the type of player that cares about getting the win. The last thing on Kobe Bryant is his stats He rather get the win any day over the week that is absolutely a true winner. Thank you Kobe Bryant for everything you did for the Lakers franchise for twenty years winning five championships.
Fuck mike dantoni with that runs and guns bullshit....
he never made it to the finals with that shit and he played Kobe 38+ minutes per game that year...... SMH
Goddes Sexy
Dahil sa injuries na yan kaya nag retired na ng maaga si kobe ih. How sad i miss him so much 😪
Aero Ross
If kobe would've sat out after that 2nd time going down he would've been good for the rest of his career but he is certainly the GOAT
TallG Laflare66
That year was supposed to be the 6ring Mamba
Andrew Kessler
Funny thing is when he went out of the game he scored the winning 2 points at the free throw line. Kobe is a freak of nature love watching him play
Devin Estrada
Never underestimate the heart of a 🐐!!💯💯
Jaheer Macacua
Just look how dirty GSW is😡😡
why the fuck was he still playing? i hate Mike Dantoni so much what a scumbag piece of shit... he ran him into the floor he was having multiple injuries a game & this idiot would just leave him in
jose andrade
el mejor kobe
Tony May
Nobody stopped the man just let him fall off the cliff knowing he hurt with high level mins.. gaa damn shame
Jose Alberto
Kobe Forever
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Michael Jordan Career Highlights The Game that SHOCKED Laker 11 months ago   07:43

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