The Game that SHOCKED Laker Michael Jordan Career Highlights 9 months ago   09:06

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Kobe Bryant Full Game Highlights (Achilles injury) | Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors | April 12, 2013 | 2012-13 NBA Season | HOH Throwback in HD
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Geovanny De los santos
If you want to see the best video o #NBA pleases follow me. The best thing about Basketballs
reginald atienza
This is Kobe vs GSW game!
rgncal 4
So sad to watch this game he was hurt, he needed out of that game in the 3rd quarter, then BAM, Kobe never Kobe again
Teban Nuñal
Legend never dies
Chris Chan
This is the one game which highlights I never want to rewatch. I paused the video just to post a comment then leave.
Mel Vin
"That young man is dangerous" - reporter to steph curry last shot of the game
jwook wookie
Just like kobe durant could not play anymore. Sad but truee😑
Unbelievable man, even if he gets an injury on that game. But still he's playing for the sake of his team to win. He did everything that he can and he also never give up and finished the game like there's nothing wrong. OMG. What a great player.
Suraj Sharma
That young man is dangerous
big wells
My nba tracker monitor name b.wells sfpg#9
Never needed to turn on a so called"playoff mode" because he was always in kill mode
Vidal Bioco Jr.
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facts romanillos
bryant is the best player
Kev's Channel
Kobe is the best player
The most saddest day in my friggn life! 😞
Zone 1978
Beast! Torn Achilles no tears no excuses! Let me shoot these free throws miss the mamba!
Blue Magic
24 A Beast
Instagram 2nikeman
They started off with hard fools, somebody was going down soon..
Leo Jhon Bayawa
Kobe is the true legend ❣️
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Michael Jordan Career Highlights The Game that SHOCKED Laker 9 months ago   07:43

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