Tabletop Games My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't 4 months ago   10:10

Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
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Zenaida Dangat
I know how to play pokemon cards
Kita Tangsunawan
It’s day 0:35
Skull Boi
Unicorn gamer
Don't remind me about the moth
shut the fuck up sally
Yvonne Eastwood
I play Pokemon cards and I won a championship and won a rainbow charizard
Gacha Rain
0:36 Is that Life Noggin voice???
Zoroarkgaming Xboxlive
Magic is a lot more crazy than pokemon. I like magic too. PLAY ME.
mz40 vlogs
I got can't catch harry
Zoroarkgaming Xboxlive
Its a die DUMMY
The Trender
James, I challenge you to chess boxing!
Dai Matthews
Lucifer Kyle
Pause at 0:26
Patricia Bahnean
I beat a pro battleship player at school. Me:4 Him:1.His face was like "HOW DID YOU BEAT ME?"
bossy gaming
Why does James got a got em neopet?
darkmasterjosh yt
James can’t land on Ariana’s property if he’s in jail 🤨
lala jecko
I like uno
Jass B.
My version of Family Game Night:

*Sister pulls out Scrabble*

“oh sweet, I’ll play.”

Sister: “No, You’ll cheat.”

“No I won’t asshole.”

S: “Fine, go ahead.”

*Looks up a word; dictionary approves it.*


S: “F*ckin’ cheater. that’s not a word.”

“Yeah it is.”

*shows her the definition*

S: “So you looked it up you damn cheater.”

Mom: “Shut up!”

*flips board over*

S: “Clean that up you rude BITCH!”


*does the whole Odd1sOut squiggle body thing*
Jack Carrington
when you realise he says, "this is family gamenight" while it is light outside :thinking:
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My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't Tabletop Games 4 months ago   08:15

Were you part of the 21% of people who didn't enjoy the science fair? I was. If you liked it, great. If you never did it, (lucky) let me tell you why I didn't like it.

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