How to be famous on the internet! Congratulations, but to whom? 🤔 4 months ago   12:38

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Autumn Falls
*Wait guys he has legs???*
os valk
two bros..
get freaked out by searching cervicitis images on google..
Iqbal Suji
Strawberry appearance for cervicitis
Mikage Mira
Eiiii, Felix has A Leg Right Now XD
Akira Juunko
_ Gacha_Love_Kek _
Эм я одна тут русская?!
Chrispy Chicken nugget
Bro the Chuu duck scared me when it made eye contact with me.
Yoshikage Not Kira
Felix's english dub voice is really good.
ku knee key da
4:42 that reaction I swear I've heard that reaction somewhere before I forgot wheeeeere
Absolutely not really exactly normal
they are literal children (5:42 and forward)
Chiyoko Fujiwara
This duo makes me so happy. Like, too happy. Cervicitis happy 😂
Parada Wigbert
that "nani the fuck nailed it"
I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT AT THE BEGINNING JOE WAS THE ONE TALKING, I finished the video and went to the comments that's how I knew :") I'm a joke
Dafne Galindo
i should have watched the rest of the 10 seconds before pew said "don't google it!"
Zia Isa
*"Don' t google cervicticuss"* -pewdiepie 2019
Marianna Caicedo
11:37 ..YOU LOSE!
Dammnnnn dogg
Cynthia Casal
I need more collabs between you two
At 4:50, does anyone know the name of the background music they are using?
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Congratulations, but to whom? 🤔 How to be famous on the internet! 4 months ago   12:50