Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album Cardi B opens up about balancing 2 months ago   03:36

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Watch Cardi B’s speech for Best Rap Album at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.

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Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album For 'Invasion Of Privacy' | 2019 GRAMMYs :
Jenifer Bódi
imádom 😍😍😍😋
Jose Alberto Trinidad Catarino
Queen❣🕪 Rap
Jameel Johnson
Regardless of where she come from. You can tell you she’s being herself, and not trying to be something she’s not. Unlike Nicki, she’s not fake, and that’s why people like her, and support her.
Kastro cash
Goes to show u how fake this world is.. Garbage over realness!!
Eduardo Hernandez
Jasmine wangari
give this comment a like if u wonder y ppl do dislikes
Matthew Fryer
RIP RAP/HIP HOP 1978-2000
Food Is My life
Lil Kim and Remy Ma are probably laughing so hard right now bc they know Nicki was maaad
Lilian kelly santos
love you cardi
Nicki Minaj 1245
Nicki Minaj is Queen
Zaxy Pena Delgado
Joseph Garcia
RIP Nipsey.
Renell Jordan-Frost
Look at nipsey husstle
Mya Mckinney
Bitch be hating on cardi and don’t nobody know the bitchs that be hatin
Real proof that ANYONE, even the totally untalented, can win a grammy.
Ricardo Ribeiro
Awesome 👏
It’s so crazy to see Nipsey sitting there!!! RIP🤴🏾
Riqu 714
Now that we all see that a grammy award means dog shit in sewage water... Please research The Underground railroad... Thats a Real womans tail
Riqu 714
She has 10 million views on her grammy exceptance... We all know she didnt sell 10 million records... She doesnt even have 10 million Free radio plays yet... How tf...
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Cardi B opens up about balancing Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album 2 months ago   04:59

The rapper and Bronx native also discussed why she decided to skip out performing at this year's Super Bowl halftime show.