Britons stock up for Brexit Chaos Nigel Farage on Brexit: Not to leave 2 days ago   02:45

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Expecting a chaotic exit from the EU, some Britons are trying to make sure they’re prepared for the worst, prefering to rely on themselves come Brexit day.

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Alberto Lopez
ahora os jodeis , encima conducis por
la izquierda y se os ha llenado el país de moros
I supported remain but this is honestly quite pathetic. Guys those groceries are probably gonna be gone before March 29th so whats the actual point.
DW News= Didn't Win News...
Chetan Biswas
lol, in a couple of months they are gonna end up lookin like the Adam's Family.
Fear mongering.
mayson lee
What a joke🤣
Jacob Rees Mog
Funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time 😂
Christian Freund
Brexit preppers. 🙄 I am excusing for our state media.
Paul Booth
Ya better get a shot gun king Kong and gorilla are going to arrive when we get brexit be carful
Paul Booth
Wonder if it's just a food bank realy
Jason Adams
Sheer, unadulterated lunacy. Would be funny if it wasn't so sad. We never ate or had pharmaceuticals or anything else before the EU.
Liam Morris
Oh and 99% of polls not just in the UK but globally all said the UK would chose to remain in the EU. Show's how valuable poll's are.
Liam Morris
Oh wow, these people are really teaching their children how to be paranoid wrecks and she says it's realistic? And going on what they've heard from their government? LOL Have day off you absolute crazy people.
me hee
Hahaha! How pathetic.
Simon John
Probably wise to get 3 months of stores, because it's only natural for there to be some panic buying, but 9 months? That's extreme. Things like Champagne will fly off the shelves for 29th March, so make sure you buy early and fireworks will be in short supply too. They have bought into Project Fear hook line and sinker. Lol.Have they prepared for the plagues of locusts, the Thames to turn red and 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, too?
This is just ridiculous, food can be imported from anywhere, not just the EU. And the trade will not stop overnight, EU trades with the rest of the world just fine. There could many inconveniences, but buying canned food is just madness
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Our mountain of dry/ tinned food is getting bigger and bigger by the week!
If you think this is necessary then your as ignorant and clueless as this family.
Tony S
Is DW a remoan vlog? It seems to be, I wonder if it's Soros financed?
Mac Tek
So being like every other non-EU country following WTO trade rules are living in chaos? Really?
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Nigel Farage on Brexit: Not to leave Britons stock up for Brexit Chaos 2 days ago   08:03

European Parliament member Nigel Farage on how British Prime Minister Theresa May is pushing for a new Brexit deal, after Parliament voted down her first proposal.