Mini Cooper Toy Car Moldmaking Tutorial: 2 Piece Scale 10 months ago   09:01

DM Idea
Making a Mini Cooper car model on the scroll saw.
I know, I know cars don't need two fuel tank flaps, this one is unique ( my mistake :)

-acacia wood
-pine wood
-wooden dowel
-super glue

Plans for this and many other cars on my website:


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Suresh C
How can i get the print
Vinayak Maharana
Please share the links of car design cut outs
Leslie Howe
Could you send me a copy of the printable plans please. Please.
nguyen hang
the great. i love idel of you. can I by the -Detailed assembly instructions for car toy ?
Manasses Francisco
Como faço pra comprar esses Carrinhos?
Zefinha Silva
Por favor manda o modem em pdf
MF Diy Art
*Hello. in ukraine there is a youtube channel " Мастерская N.V. " they also make models of cars from a tree ... they are not so popular, but they have something to learn even for you.I recommend to review*
Clyde Balcom
I'm wondering if you could build a car transporter for your other creations?
Dilnei Moro de Almeida
Gostaria de saber se você usou madeira ou MDF para fazer o Mini Cooper e se possível qual ó modelo dá sua tico tico de bancada gratidão gratidão gratidão... E parabéns cada vez nos surpreendendo com essas lindas obras de arte
Trie Haryanto
Very niceeeee.
Enes Muračević
Name this machine?
Parabéns. Pelo trabalho do carrinho
Josenildo Camilo
Ganhou mais um escrito.....parabéns pelo grande trabalho..e também pela a arte.
Prakash gohawal
So sweet
Георгий Сокрут
Круто, пожалуйста подскажите где берете чертежи?
Where do you get the drawings?
Jano Le Corre
Ses comme aller chez le dentiste lol 😂
Denden Yahya
How to design on paper?
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Moldmaking Tutorial: 2 Piece Scale Mini Cooper Toy Car 10 months ago   11:15

In this tutorial we mold a diecast car body using Gel-25. PlatSil Gel-25 cures to an A25 in about 1 hour so it is great for fast 2 piece molds. Gel-25 is very low viscosity so it is ideal for quick molds and does not require degassing for most applications. The final model car body was cast in EZ Flo 60 casting resin with yellow PolyColor added. There are several PlatSil Silicones that would work well for this process: 73-20 (for really small fast molds), 73-25 (For larger 2 piece molds that require a longer pour time), or 73-15 (for small 2 piece molds or cut block molds). All of those options may be used without vacuum degassing. If you are going to be pressure casting, vacuum degassing is a must! Under pressure micro bubbles can expand or contract causing surface imperfections in the final resin cast.

The mold in this video required about 5 lbs of PlatSil Gel-25. You can find Gel-25 in 2lb kits or larger on our webstore: