The story of 'Oumuamua, the first visitor World War A - When Aliens Attack 5 months ago   13:25

In October 2017, astrobiologist Karen J. Meech got the call every astronomer waits for: NASA had spotted the very first visitor from another star system. The interstellar comet -- a half-mile-long object eventually named `Oumuamua, from the Hawaiian for "scout" or "messenger" -- raised intriguing questions: Was it a chunk of rocky debris from a new star system, shredded material from a supernova explosion, evidence of alien technology or something else altogether? In this riveting talk, Meech tells the story of how her team raced against the clock to find answers about this unexpected gift from afar.

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Rifaldo Palaska
why does not she stated that the object change its course and velocity in a strange way, and a lot of other oddities that pretty much suggest that it is probably something artificial
Technology everything
_THE_ _BEGINNING_ _IS_ _here_
It is all ‘idiocracy’ in the comments.
Troy York
Most science is science fiction
Troy York
All these Ted Talks and space talk is silly putty
Slav Emperor
So, Oumuamua flew to us 50,000 years and NASA did not notice it. So death from far away can come at any point.
Andrew Demidov
Why do these telescopes have 144p? Were they built by Slavs?
One side of my brain: wow what a well thought out scientific examination
The other side: SPACE TURDDDDD
Billy The_kid
Another galaxy flushed its toilet 🤡
Stephen Genett
Somebody painted the Millennium Falcon red..
panda flex
the world sleep coning from the moon ➡🌍
I hope she starts getting some cardio. She was out of breath from standing and talking. It's a shame to waste such a smart mind.
Keith Carlson
For the cost of this research effort a half million kids wouldn't starve.
Richard Black
we said hello to a rock
Nishal Garewan
Aliens are good and very smart. The world we are living is for them. They will take earth soon
Joe Orton
Its gods giants turd
Aberdolf Lincler
Oumaumau Oumaumau
cake is good yum
... tbh I can't tell if the comment section is too dumb for me or.. I'm too dumb for it
Kevin McDougall
Spectrographic analysis of its composition wasn't possible?
Vile Nation Gaming
And people still think our species is special and there’s some magic man in he sky judging us lol.

Also, I think it was made out of a material that’s able to send/reflect signals. They scanned us and said “Humans are still primitives, killing and hating each other. They aren’t ready for our tech.”
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World War A - When Aliens Attack The story of 'Oumuamua, the first visitor 5 months ago   52:39

Are there extraterrestrials and what will happen when aliens attack us?


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