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In terms of market share, Dell was once the number one PC maker in the world. Over a decade ago, they've lost their spot and have yet to get it back. They had some major troubles but have since made some major changes to address them. This video talks about how Dell grew to be the number one PC maker, how they lost their spot, and how they stand today.

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Michael Thomas
Dell makes crap! That is what happened!
True. Dell parts were crap. The power plug and keyboard would break on the laptop. I always prefer HP. But Dell was cheaper if you didn't have the money.
Thomas Hansknecht
I am using a Dell monitor right now. My first two computers were also Dell machines. The Dell monitor I have now works great.
Lim Lim
When my company ask me do you want DELL OR APPLE.

I pick DELL!
1. Love and prefer window instead of IOS
2. Love the brand

Hope DELL will come back on the technology industry. Maybe partner with Microsoft ?
Mathew Hex
Company man commits to nothing. As a shrewd company man would ;-)
I'm using an HP Omen with a Dell Monitor
Andres Bravo
Well, Dell was A Great Tech Company Since I have not to worry with the Products especially My Inspiron. Long Live Dell. 😇🤘🏻🎉
Matthew Wright
I personally preferred buying computers from Frank Costanza.
Daniel Roberts
My first computer was a Dell Dimension 8100 from 2001. It was still able to play games that were as recent as 2010. The thing weighed a ton but had good quality parts and the customer support was top notch.
Erä Jorma
Weird that this is the first time i hear this story...
Nicholas Chorba
Gateway computers please - very likely a more interesting story there.
Luis Niels
i love Dells, im on a Dell right now, turn it into a hackintosh running macos mojave
People learned how to use NewEgg and Tiger Direct
Matt Dorton
I'm watching this clip on my 2011 XPS Dell. Still works as good today as it did then. Dude.....I love my Dell!!!
I'm on a dell rn? My high schools chrome books are dell, my schools pcs are dells, most work places in my town use dell
My dells audio system just uninstalled itself
Excellent video and well presented. Hey Dude, you're getting a Dell.
Connar Comstock
Dells main market isn't consumers.

Neither is HPs.

What even is this.
Digger John
Dell machines used to be the best, my last lap top got a BSOD before finishing updating Windows for the first time. I returned it and got a Lenovo. Dell really has gotten bad.
Joshua Murtz
They are now doing the very thing that every other company did when they started .
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What's Happening to Sony? (The The Decline of Dell...What Happened? 10 months ago   14:33

The second part of the story of Sony is here! Sony has been one of the greatest companies of our time but has recently started declining, what's happening? And Why?
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