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The Decline Of Dell...what Happened? | What's Happening To Sony? (The - At Up-Tube.com

The Decline of Dell...What Happened? What's Happening to Sony? (The 1 year ago   11:01

Company Man
In terms of market share, Dell was once the number one PC maker in the world. Over a decade ago, they've lost their spot and have yet to get it back. They had some major troubles but have since made some major changes to address them. This video talks about how Dell grew to be the number one PC maker, how they lost their spot, and how they stand today.

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Anybody remember those awful Packard Bell computers that retailers sold in the 90's? I sold computers at a Circuit City and we hated those computers. We referred to them as Packard Hells and Packard Smells:)
Peta Tusa
My employer only has Dell PC's and it's been that way for years. I'm assuming the PC market for them is now more focused on companies and government contracts which for the most part, will always require desktops..
Jane Pipkin
Interesting. I think I bought my first Dell laptop in 1999, the top of the line at the time. Didn't buy another one until 2006. The second one only lasted a couple of years. Same with the third. And the fourth... So I think quality deteriorated. How about Gateway? That was another popular computer company in the 1980's and 1990's, don't know what happened to them...
Mr Everything
Their computers are crap and cheaply made. I've had problems with everyone that I've owned.
Kylee Nguyen
Dell? Like dell taco
My 15 year old Dell Dimension 3000 still works. It's slow but it still works. And so does my 5 year old XPS 8700. And my next desktop will also be a Dell.
sam jones
I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop 15 years ago. It arrived with effective parts and would not work. After much haggling with CS they finally sent a serviceman to look at it. After checking it out he sent to their factory in Texas for six new parts. When they arrived he came and installed them. Then it worked. The original parts were defective or the wrong part. I asked him how this can happen. He said they turned out a thousand computers every day at their factory. There was little quality control. Below par workers who messed up the assembly line.
Don't know what you're saying. I have a Dell laptop.
Cybertron Warrior
Do Toshiba
hugo Helm
im on a dell right now, its an alienware
I've had all kinds of laptops over the years but my Dell (XPS) is the best one by a landslide!
PassGo CollectFiat
Never again! DELL persuaded me I needed to purchase an operating flash drive to reset my operating system. I took my DELL to a private computer tech and he said I didn't need this to reset the operating system. They also persuaded me to buy a external hard disk to back up my data. Never used it! They also persuaded me to buy an external DVD player. Never used it! Just sold it on EBAY. Dude! I'm Not getting a DELL! Their computers are more DELL - pickles!
John Okeeffe
I didn't know about the dude thing. It came in a cow box from S. Dakota is what I liked. I think leaving was an issue.
My first and last Dell had Windows 95 on it. Will never get another.
Avron Fernandes
They company hasn't declined. It's bigger than ever now.
j metro
Dell is HELL
i couldn't stand my dell cuz the fan blowing was so loud. so i got an apple.
No No
They cheapened their products like crazy, that's why.
What about doing a video on CompUSA
Khandar William
A Dell, the singer
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What's Happening to Sony? (The The Decline of Dell...What Happened? 1 year ago   14:33

The second part of the story of Sony is here! Sony has been one of the greatest companies of our time but has recently started declining, what's happening? And Why?
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