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How Was Video Invented? | Spinning Black Holes - At Up-Tube.com

How Was Video Invented? Spinning Black Holes 2 days ago   13:13

I always wanted to know why film looked better than video. Moving electronic images have as long a history but were invented for a different purpose. This video was sponsored by B&H Photo: https://www.bhphotovideo.com

Huge thanks to:

Richard Diehl, Video Labguy https://www.youtube.com/user/videolabguy

Branch Education for awesome animations

Minutephysics for mechanical TV animations

Mark Schubin
Engineer and explainer, SMPTE Life Fellow

This is a video I've long wanted to make, about what makes video look like video and, up until 10 years ago or so, not as appealing as film. I grew up with the two technologies (film and video) in parallel and to me they always seemed like two ways of achieving the same ends: recording and replaying moving images. But their histories are quite distinct. Film was always a way to capture moving images for later replaying. Video started out as a way to transfer images from one place to another instantaneously. This dates back to the first fax machine, mechanical TV, live broadcast tv and ultimately videotapes. This history focuses on the early decades of video and not the more recent switches to chip cameras and solid state storage. Maybe that's a story for another day.

Additional resources and references:

The Dawn of Tape: Transmission Device as Preservation Medium

What Sparked Video Research in 1877? The Overlooked Role of the Siemens Artificial Eye

Video Preservation Website:

Image Orthicon Tube:

Film vs Digital

Eyes of a Generation:

Television in the US:


Music from https://www.epidemicsound.com "Seaweed" "Capture a Picture 1" "Colorful Animation 4"

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If you're watching this right now, it's probably because I posted a gif in the community tab. I'm curious if you:
a. have seen the video already
b. didn't know it existed and the community post is the first you heard if it
c. saw the title and thumbnail before but didn't click it
d. other?
Huh. I've never really thought about how much more complicated it is to store an electric signal than to just transmit it.
Pino K. K.
He didn't invent scanning... what about woven carpets?
This is really the true reason Kodak failed. It wasn't the camera, it was the tape. Up until the development of video tape, the only way to *store* images was film. Kodak shouldn't have been terrified by the digital camera, they should have been terrified by VHS, and digital storage standards.
Fun Fact (about modern films and series): they cant even afford the camera equipment like you did.
Many actual series look more like they were filmed by a spastic holding a non stabilized smartphone with 1080p camera
hygtfrde vgdsehy
The truth bubbles to the surface while fools try to discredit it. Feign fraud. And belittle anyone else.
Onri Jay
3:36 ..."wasn't the way to do it"😆😆 . Love it.
Fons Knaapen
Very nice explanation of the essence of how it came to current video. Thanks. Maybe a nice follow up would be to show the development of sound recording for film and recorded video, which had its own challenges?
Austin goodwyn
Anyone who remembers doctor who will remember that episode with the wire.
rachel fish
Watching the electron gun scanning each line was mesmerizing. Never thought I'd get to see that. Thank you!
Quotable Ninja
How has this only got 1M Views?
Andreas Lindhé
I've missed this one. Must have been left out of my sub flow.
I hold this 32 GB microsd card with an hour long 4k video on it. I then look at that huge monstrosity @ 10:39 ... Gee!" There's been some progress since then.
You and my weed blow my mind.
Mark Swanton
Early generations also had their heads and bodys constantly x-rayed while watching early CRT models.
Legend 27
Think back to the 1800's there's no way the people from back then even knew what crazy technology we have today. I wonder what type of crazy stuff we'll have in 2200.
D. other: Played automatically after another sub video. I need/going to watch a few more. All your videos are actually entertaining, insightful and creative!!
bob along
tv in the 50's in Boise had an occasional oddity. you'd be watching some b/w program on channel
5 and a grainy image of an airplane would pass across the screen, with an accompanying
engine noise overlaying the sound track , taking maybe 10 seconds to get across then disappear.
oh, the tv was all locally broadcast then from antennas up in the foothills to the north a few miles.
So how did they record the speed of light?
I thought something inside the camera had to move faster than light for that to be possible.
Or is it just fake?
Jay Moore
One does not have a history of video and totally neglect to mention Farnsworth and his image dissector.
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Spinning Black Holes How Was Video Invented? 2 days ago   10:14

A pulsing black hole in the centre of a distant galaxy sheds light on black hole and galaxy formation. How fast are black holes rotating and how does that rotation change over its life-span?

Huge thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis and study author Dr. Dheeraj Pasham.

A loud quasi-periodic oscillation after a star is disrupted
by a massive black hole

Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd

Music from http://epidemicsound.com "Colorful animation 4" "serene story 2" "To the stars 01" "Black Vortex

Animations by Alan Chamberlain and courtesy of NASA