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The trailer is here.

The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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omer ahmed
who reading comments 😄
V De
Puta que pariu bara poha não vejo hora.
There is nothing similar to the excitement I’m feeling every time I watch this, impatiently awaiting the new and final season to come. At the same time, my heart is broken.

Who else has recently refreshed their memories about the show by doing a GoT marathon?
1:34 man with an Eyrie, shield, guess Royce decided to stay thank god
Pet Wussy
Cant wait for Arya to see Gendry again
Julien H
Wooow good job !!
Работа В Израиле
Даёшь кЫно
Cosplay Phinix
I just finished watching season 7 and I am so hyped for this one.
I discovered this show back in 2015 but never did watch it, about less than a week ago watched the whole 7 seasons and i cant wait for the 8th, HYPED!!
I am so excited.
Alice Lucy
I think I've watched this trailer over 50 times
I'll resub to HBO NOW when Game of Thrones season 8 launches.
Parker Peters
I really hate to say it, but I think Arya is running away from a Wight Hound. THAT was their reunion, I hate this idea.
RESUL Sefiloğlu
My watch has started
RESUL Sefiloğlu
I was here when the winter come.
Noella F
Cersei seems calm, why is that? Is she hoping for everyone to die in battle while she demain?
Jarret Cormier
I still just want the damn books to get finished ! i feel betrayed that there ending the show before he ends the books, but i guess incase he dies and never finishes we will always have the show
Samah Hatoum
Game of thrones is all around us the dead walker (trump administration) winter is coming ...
green earth
Shah Pahlawi,s marriage video link , same music
green earth
Game of Thrones title music is copied from the Royal wedding of Iran. Shah Pahlawi.
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Game of Thrones - Top Ten Moments of Season Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official 3 weeks ago   31:41

This is a Fan Vote Top Ten. I'm Certainly happy with how it came out. Thanks for the Participation.