"Harry Styles Slid into Little Mix Read Fan Tweets | ASOS 2 days ago   04:41

Little Mix tell two lies and one truth, KISS Breakfast's Tom and Daisy have to guess which one's which in a game of Liar Liar.

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Comments 251 Comments

Angel of Rock
*What does Jade say at **2:16**?*
aly delacruz
dO yOu tHiNki I'm nOt CaPaBlE oF lOvE 😂😂
I love harry and I love jade ....and them together is is dreeeammmmm😍😍❤❤😭😭😭
Evangeline Sage
“Harold you dirty joke!”

Aahahahahah Harold 😂
Prachi Ranjan
Imagine Harry watching it.
Jesy :And Harry Styles slided into Jade's Dms
Harry : Heyyyy
Tommo Ash
I love Harry, but Louis Tomlinson has been always Perrie’s fav! ❤️
pezswasabix —
one of my fav things abt perrie is that she’s very quick witted and clever, which is why i knew that the tickets sales thing was the truth bc pez would’ve never struggled like that to come up with a lie, unless it was on purpose to throw ppl off (which it was lmao)
angel owen
I was born in 2009 May 29th
Ok everyone playing with their hair is so annoying.
patrick grajam
Yes larry is still real🤣🤣🤣
Oops Mixer
My babies. Love so much😍💖
khushi styles
We stan a legends, stanning legends!
Princess Vega
I saw harry's name, then click😂
Ivette Damián
lowkey Jarry Stirwall shipper ..... uwu
Ariel Caique
WTF? My phone almost fell out of my hand at 1:13 hahaha

"What the hell?" Perrie hahahaha
Anto Becerra
Do u remember Jarry Sirlwall ?
Alexandra Music
Maybe Jade is going to now slide into Harry’s DMs
unicorn lover_1267
I'm coming to the tour
Tuzolana Guineverre
Ariana grande is that you?
Fahri Musdi
02:04 Jade is so cute
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Little Mix Read Fan Tweets | ASOS "Harry Styles Slid into 2 days ago   05:26

We caught up with Little Mix on their ASOS Magazine cover shoot with a box full of fan tweets – only problem is, there are a few missing words. Can Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards fill in the blanks?

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