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Why Are Some Singapore Students Choosing | Account Of Mr Koh Eng Khoon On The Midnight Visit - At Up-Tube.com

Why are some Singapore students choosing Account of Mr Koh Eng Khoon on the midnight visit 1 day ago   03:51

China has become a destination of choice for a growing number of Singaporean university students looking for exchange programmes and work experience. CNA's Olivia Siong meets Singaporeans in Beijing to find out why and learn about their aspirations.

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Lam Par
Because it is part of ' student exchange ' programmed and to gain work experience. You don't really need to be a rocket scientist to understand that.
Bin Li
Singaporean=Chinese blood
Because Singapore has no future
Gringo Sinting
damn it, all my friends who go to China to study, none of them return. They all enjoy living and working there, some even bought apartments and got married there.
Eagle Nyi
Because cheap n sucker 🤣😂
Shit!!! Communists detected 😂😂😂😂😂
Shehzad Chowdhury
Singaporean chinese are originally from China that’s why they are Chinese. Just because they born and raised that doesn’t change their ethnicity
TK Baha
stay away from thuggish communist regime. Brainwashed programs, money hungry demonic greedy population.
Weng sheng
Hi Hi
actually do they really know more about their own country before going to that country? there should be a new video ''Do Singaporean suitable to study in China''
Donkey Kong
Global knowledge is good for the soul.
Huy Le
Majority of people in singapore are Chinese origins. China is a superpower like the US
How come some Singaporean people possess that kind of strange accent?
Bert Tsai
Our MQF prof LIM KG!
Damian Oh
Can't smoke pot in China! What kind of tertiary education is that??
samarth jain
Language is great problem in china which i noted after one year of study.20%time wasted on that
Yohan Han
Good for Singapore, good for China and good for the students themselves.
Davinxi P
Hong Kong and Singapore have world class university programs. One day I’ll like to do an exchange program 👍👍
Waikwan Siu
money is their lord
Kiyoshi Ishihara
Why tens thousands of Chinese students are sturdy in USA ??? 🇺🇸
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Account of Mr Koh Eng Khoon on the midnight visit Why are some Singapore students choosing 1 day ago   10:27

Mr Koh Eng Khoon talks about the midnight visit by the police on 27 April under the suspicion that he sent a threatening letter to Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Mr Koh is the chairman of the Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods who has been widely known in Singapore over the past few months of campaigning for the survival of the Sungei Road Second-hand Market.

According to Mr Koh, the police knocked on his door around midnight on 27 April (Thursday) to look for him. The police were in plainclothes and claimed to be from the Central Police Division.