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This Is How Disney Princesses Should | Funny Tik Tok Ironic Memes Compilation - At Up-Tube.com

This Is How Disney Princesses Should FUNNY TIK TOK IRONIC MEMES COMPILATION 11 months ago   10:15

Disney Princesses Reimagined In Real Life.
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We all love the Disney princesses. How could you not? We watched their films so many times, that their images are practically ingrained in our brains. But what if the way they are animated in the Disney films isn’t how they actually should have looked? This is How Disney Princesses Should Have Really Looked.

Jasmine is one of the prettiest Disney princesses around. But her outfit was extremely inaccurate. For a girl who lived in an Arabic speaking country in such a conservative time, her outfit would have been completely different. She would not have been showing her tummy at all like she did in the film. Her head probably also would have been covered so we would have never seen her long, black hair.

Whether it’s Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Mulan, there are a lot of inconsistencies with these princesses’ looks. Stay tuned to This is How Disney Princesses Should Have Really Looked to see why Snow White’s hair should have been totally different!
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Comments 8069 Comments

Gwen Torre
eyka syafiqa
mulan not married to a royal but jeneral.
Camila Ferrabone L
*cries in historical inaccuracies*
Serena Liom
Ariel in Georgia 1840s ? *facepalm* Denmark late 1790s you morons.
well in defense of how Rapunzel is portrayed, she was raised in a tower, with no outside contact until the prince came
Kerrie Hughes
im pretty sure the little mermaid was set in Denmark not Georgia
Film Bj
Really Seriously
Belle was a poor country girl and would not have worn a Marie Antoinette style dress.
Alana Miles
Its not history it is fairy tales thank you very much
Alana Miles
I'm sorry but Disney is for kids and I don't think Pocahontas would be naked in the summer
Basically A rainbow
Ariel is danish it was written by Hans Christian Anderson who was a danish author and Pocahontas WAS A REAL PERSON and Milan didn’t marry into royalty she married a frickin general
Zoe Leung
I'm from Hong Kong and I know my history well. Mulan would have been killed by the Chinese emperor that time
Olivia Fesmire
the little mermaid takes place in Denmark. You always wore a veil in the 14th centery. The “1840s” dress looks like an 1830s dress. The 1920s dress should be way longer and I am not even going to talk about the head peice. The dress shape is completely wrong for Snow White. The regency era was the 1810s and repunzels dress would not be royal.
Video: well in the movie it looks like it was around the 1500
Me: oh ya and this video looks like you did so much research but you didn’t so how can you be sure the movies took place in these random places if your just guessing
Szymon W.
Gosh that video is so wrong!
I knew it would be bad immediately when I saw thumbnail with Bella.
Why the hell should she wear 1780 hairstyle and hat that reminds late Marie Antoinette?
Bella is totally fine in gold dress that reminds 1860 crynolie pagoda dresses with narrow waist plus long pinned hair and glowes.
Έλενα Τζώρτζη
You can't say anything about Cinderella's dress because it is made of magic!😉😊
Ricky Rehbein
Mulan married a general, not royalty.
Hello small YouTuber here!
Pls sopport my channel ☺️
itz starlight Playz
Umm... Is this true i dunno if it is true or fake maybe i choose fa-- i mean true lol
Mulan is not Royalty, nor did she mary into royalty....
Ariel is Danish, not from Georgia....
I like the drawing from Rapunzels hair, but her hair would have been too heavy to actually stay that way.
Oh and most of the facts that are said is bullshit in this video. Maybe you should do a fact check on your own video's. You probably learn something.
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FUNNY TIK TOK IRONIC MEMES COMPILATION This Is How Disney Princesses Should 11 months ago   10:51

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