Pact or Panic: Can Migration Be Controlled? The UN migration compact spells radical 1 day ago   26:01

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An intergovernmental conference is being held in the Moroccan capital, Marrakesh in December, to adopt the UN-sponsored global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration. The US and several other countries reject the pact, arguing that it paves the way for more mass migration. Are they right?
Guests: Ana Maria Álvarez (Migration Hub), Edith Kimani (DW), Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico)

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doug ridgway
Women want to distribute the resources. Fine and dandy. In that you could tell what family they belong to.
Secondly week men listen to all women and want nothing but to please them. Third this is all our fault. We can fix this.
Yuck! Hail to all the nations refusing to participate in this cultural suicide.
fynes leigh
For "Populists" read Sinners; the disease religion modernism-sometimes called political correctness-although it is IN FACT a religion-set of related undoubted beliefs assumptions presumptions and norms, tends to be bossily moralistic and Worse, seeks to make itself the official or compulsory religion, and, like all religions it has its sinners heresies and sacred cows.NB. The word 'religion does not *necessarily* connote or imply an attachment to any idea of what-is-called god. The religions socialism wimminism, sewerism and AGW_ism make no overt references to any idea of god, but are all undoubtedly sets of related undoubted beliefs assumptions presumptions and norms and are thus religions.
Joe Smeeth
Europe does not need migrants who cannot assimilate fully, culturally and racially, with the over arching culture. A growing minority population will only cause trouble in the future.
Joe Smeeth
Migration is not a right. Immigration is not the right solution to a lack of working aged citizens and it allows the government to ignore their responsibility to promote family and culture.
White people are just scared of a brown world. They dont want to give People of Color a chance at success in a better world.
So DW, where was the anti migration side of the argument in this debate? You talked about how a few countries have decided to not be part of the UN pact on migration and yet you couldn’t find anyone who opposes the UN pact? Come on. It’s hardly a debate when the 3 people you’ve got on are just engaging in a circle jerk. Have somebody on that doesn’t feed the confirmation bias of the host and by extension DW
Alex Perez
As a migrant myself this angers me. I migrated legally and have made every effort to learn the language, educate myself, get a job and adapt to the culture of my new nation and these people want to give everyone a free pass?
Phil Mitchell
Harvard have released a study that asserts the more multicultural a society is, the less social cohesion. Furthermore, extensive migration lowers wages all round. Thus, socially and economically, massive migration is not tenable. What's more, on average people from the third world have five babies, whereas your ethnic European has one... this is guaranteed to become a white-genocide if this continues. I thought protecting indigenous peoples' land was moral? Demographics are destiny.
Tellus Of Athens
Hmm this is a fair debate these days.
Look at Japan, they automated everything to the point where they don't need unskilled labourers. That's the future, not masses of migrants living in poverty, in slums, and ghettos, and tent cities.
Appalled ByFurries
Migration is NOT a human right.
José Silva T.
Can Migration Be Controlled? I don't know just see the chinese wall
Abominable Snowman
Meanwhile another German girl is dead with a Kenyan migrant already in custody...
Migration will be controlled once the right ppl are in power
Migrants are a drain. They are welfare fiends. No benefits
U will all be going home soon
Lol the Hondurans went home. They gave up.
That’s exactly why migrants are going to be deported once populists win
We don’t want migrants. And it hasn’t always been a thing. Germany has always been a Germanic nation.
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The UN migration compact spells radical Pact or Panic: Can Migration Be Controlled? 1 day ago   06:10

While several of our allies have already pulled out of this disastrous UN compact, the Trudeau government is welcoming this UN scheme.

True North's Candice Malcolm explains why this UN compact is unprecedented and truly radical.