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Floor To Ceiling Books Fill | - At Up-Tube.com

Floor to ceiling books fill 1 year ago   03:18

Kansas City Star
The personal library of R. Crosby Kemper III rivals that of many public libraries. He gives a tour of his book-filled loft home in the Crossroads District.

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Zombie Prodigy
Can you even imagine how smart you would be if you retained even 50% of knowledge found in those books????

He must be a genius by now.....
Brian Lange
I bet he's just another one of these Instagram influencers that doesn't even read any of the books he has.
王畯樑 Raymond Ong
This is the interpretation of how many books I wish to collect in my lifetime. The only problem is I may never have enough money to buy a house huge enough to store the books.
Lorax Tribe
Impressive library! I have two bookcases full, a reference library of psychology (complete CW of Jung, including the Red Book), mythology, greek history and art, atlas, astronomy, etc. and I'm trying to make a little book nook for comfortable reading and reference. My books are spilling onto the floor now, so a third bookcase is needed.
Grim Avatar
I think my heart just skipped a beat.
Pandit Trouble Jr.
Kas Trull
My library seem pretty small now :D
Nick Mougros
man i love this space.
Nan x
Impossible to recall all these books in his head. He must read but forgets over tine.
Paul Woods
You should read Irish history
Amanda Capstick
Oh my god literal goals I could literally live there. I adore books so much and not just audiobooks or kindles, they don’t have the same feel as real books. He must be such a smart man.
Carl Blaskowitz
Something to work towards to be sure. An epic collection of books, music, movies, documentaries.. etc.

Luckily a collection much larger than this including all film, television and most known musical works can fit under 80 terabytes, be instantly searchable, shared with friends and fit into a quarter size, floor standing equipment rack. All of this and much more is available on torrent and usenet. If you want it, have at it... seriously the more collections that exist, the better preservation is achieved. Build up a library server, install plex and calibre and fill it to the gills.

If you need tangible and physical, use an ereader or print and bind at home. There is no reason why everyone in the modern first world cant a rough approximation of the sum of human knowledge stashed in his or her back bedroom closet.
Joel Weidenfeld
Perfect IDIOT dupe to run one of the GoVERNMENts bulk fuck libraries.. Hope you passed away by now clown
zaza napolite
Love the extensive collection but it drives me nuts to see so many messy piles!
Bilel Aurès
So beautiful
Joel Weidenfeld
Big collection of BULLSHIT....sad
Tasnia Islam
Jacob Britton
Imagine how much information must be in this man's head after reading all those books...
How many books does this guy have? I have a lot of books too but they are in several different rooms of my condominium. I don't have enough space to put all of my books in one room. Even if I could do that, I would still have more books all over my home.
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Floor to ceiling books fill 1 year ago   03:31

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