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How Long Will The Government Shutdown | Big Little Allies | The Daily Show - At Up-Tube.com

How Long Will The Government Shutdown Big Little Allies | The Daily Show 6 months ago   04:29

Comedy Central UK
The government shutdown fuelled by President Trump's demand for border wall funding enters its third week.

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Afri Gamer
I think Trump got his idea of the wall from Game Of Thrones 🤣🤣 @ybn anto
Suraj Prakash Thakur
Indians looking at Americans shitting on the ground and are like ‘’psshh...amateurs’’
N. D.B.
Why doesn't he want children?! Oh Trevor, he would be such a great dad!
Jubilee Lambie
my favorite moment "no we can't bring live panda's, we don't have that John Oliver HBO money."
Mengni Ni
Panda 🐼 meow
Saunders The Plumber saunders
Noah Do Not Let The People Cause You To Clown About Jesus
He's not gonna get the funding but I'm worried something bad will happen with the thinly stretched government staff around the country, if the worst happens does he get impeached?
Steven Phyffer
Why the Jesus joke mate. Nee man Trevor! You use to be funny.
Shady Shae
I like you but don't talk about Jesus that way, whether it's a joke or not, even if you are a christian. So disrespectful.
Alia Ris
3:24 I smell something burnt..
Nick D
Mueller should end the shutdown because he can. Yes all evidence is not yet in to form full picture, but surely enuf to run on, doubtlessly
What happened to God loving nationa
3:13 *Thank you, Noah!*
denver gichuki
The Jesus joke was uncalled for. I expect better from you. 😏
Whatevs really. Me and my gf are the two witnesses. Welcome to the revolution. Tada. Prepare. It's now.

Peter Michael
Make America starve again !
He's acting like a supervillain who is extorting the country to enrich himself.
"We can't afford to bring a panda here, we don't have that kind of John Oliver HBO money." 💰
Trevor is killing me. 😂
Kirk Wilson
3 days later, i bet you feel like a total idiot now. Everything you said is wrong.
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Big Little Allies | The Daily Show How Long Will The Government Shutdown 6 months ago   20:27

The Daily Show looks at the tactless and flat-out weird ways Donald Trump has engaged with world leaders since he became president.

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