Bustin’ Backroads (MOTO VLOG) Jimmy Crouton 😆 2 days ago   21:44

Ryan Upchurch

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Alien Plays
Yo church make more Motorcycle vlogs love what you do and love to see all you r success
James Roberts
Time to get a Gixxer 1k bro
Denese cain
I like your music bud
Shaylynn Bursey
This is bomb...Love it!
Justin Boyd
More Moto Vlogs Skin
David Sackett
You got a bad ass place
Anybody know the first song in this video?
Tony T.
Ryan, bro those looks like some killer back roads. We need more like that in Missouri. Might have to load up the Gsxr and make a trip over there. You’ll hook me up if I get lost or run outta gas right !! Lol love the Moto vlogs. Keep on keepin on. Sneak a little nutshell in one of your moto vlogs. Love your version. Peace love and chicken grease 👌
Raced Renegade
It made me laugh when he says "stay over there Luke Combs!" When he was referring to the rain
connor patton
I want some more moto vlogs pls church
Robert 615 Moore
Gotta love wind therapy good for the soul
Luke Lond
You should make more pov videos like this
Luke Lond
Can you believe she was 13 when they made this song ocean eyes
Jackie Toney
love this VLOG.be careful.
love how u told your mom u love her be4 u left..cant wait to see more....hope me and my son can meet u on one of your Vlogs when u riding around down there
that would make or day...
be safe have a blessed day brother your a cool 😎 dude bro love ya
Adam Miksell
Diry Elvis I love that man
Tc 90
You should look into the new 2020 Harley low rider S they’re so badass
John Deat
I love to meet you man there is not many of us left true 100 mfer keep doin what your doin. You are a legend
LeRoy Evans
Hey its 4 in the morning im getting drunk lol. Ty for rollin stoned. Me and my brother sat in the car for hours smoking to that song bro. It brought me alot of good time.
Justin Cavinder
Damn dirty elvis is a bad ass song. Never even heard it before. I have one of your newer songs randomly on my spotify and its great but didn't think too much of it cause its my work playlist. But Youre sounding really good since last time I really listened to your stuff. I'm going to have to check your music out more seriously. Keep it up man!
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Jimmy Crouton 😆 Bustin’ Backroads (MOTO VLOG) 2 days ago   10:24