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Is It A Bad Idea To Buy A Used 2016 C7 Corvette | C7 Corvette Z06 Review (3Lz W/z07) - At Up-Tube.com

Is it a BAD IDEA to buy a USED 2016 C7 Corvette C7 Corvette Z06 Review (3LZ w/Z07) 5 months ago   10:31

Raiti's Rides
When the C7 Corvette ZO6 came out on to the scene there was a mixture of cheers and tears! On one hand the car was now supercharged and could be bought with an automatic, and on the other enthusiasts were saying that it lost it's way. At the end of the day what we have is a top performing Corvette with 650hp and 650ft lbs of torque. Is there any reason to fear buying a used 2016 Corvette ZO6?

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You’re a good reviewer. I can tell you really love cars. Great job! Keep ‘em coming my friend.
This is a Corvette review. Nothing about buying a used Corvette.
monkey Boy
I looked for 2 months, found a 2015, 13000 miles. Laguna blue, perfect condition. 3 LZ
Dick Mick
Click bait title, its a review with out even an opinion if its a bad idea or not. Sucks
Seating through 10:30 and still didnt get my answer. Why is it a bad idea?
kevin g
Price, cost?
Nadia Jones
I would definitely go for it my opinion
Fritz Achille
Very detail review, better than all the ones i have seen
Steve Wyatt
all about a vette is easy to fix
click bait
The Guitar Guru Network
Great video. Stunning car!
jay are
So is it a good idea or not?
Gerald Sanchez
You look like some kind of big headed queer
This guy could never sell me a car. Everything he hates i like and everything he likes I hate lol
Noah Smith
How to people enjoy watching this guys reviews? Literally sounds like a robot reading a script. Anything covered here could be found looking at GM's site. What a joke.
Henry Montenegro
Thank you, always learning with your vids!
Randy Searle
Blackout badges are an option on any Stingray or ZO6. Also flat bottom steering wheel went into every Stingray and ZO6 from 2016 forward. I don't feel like you did your homework before you did your review
Jay OC
You never answered the question of your title
elvis 1
great car! and review
Talk to the guys at the track, this car can take a beating and asks for more, a experience race car driver can't even use it's ability
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C7 Corvette Z06 Review (3LZ w/Z07) Is it a BAD IDEA to buy a USED 2016 C7 Corvette 5 months ago   13:42

As we wait patiently for the official release of the new C7 Corvette ZR1 I'm spending some quality time with it's powerful sibling the C7 Corvette Z06! The current king of the Corvette lineup.

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