Fighters should look at what MMA Thug Life Crazest moves 1 day ago   10:55

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Poirier on Khabib,
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Jeff Novitzky on Jon Jones
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Paulo Costa on Romero,
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Rockhold on Blachowicz,
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Covington on Usman,
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Khabib shows off his new Gym in Dagestan,

Jeff Novitzky on TJ Dillashaw and testing in UFC,
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And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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John Doedoe
Dustin * I am a very dangerous opponent* Poirier
Khabib has probably 10 million and he’s built a bad ass mud hut, probably didn’t set him back that much
Dizzy Seventy
Doesn't really matter how small amount of cheating you do, picogram or otherwise, the guy was caught cheating, period!
Sargento Volodia
Jon Jones is the only one fighter can beat USADA wherever or however.....Costas stomach medication is the first stomach medication rich on steroids
Michael Long
Khabib's gym looks exactly as I would expect it to look considering its location. I hope he is not using all his champ money on that because he is going to lose that belt in his next fight.
Steven Short
I feel it doesn't matter how small amount is in your blood Jones. It's in there. You took it. Used it to advance yourself.
always this how small talk -.-
How small is a cialis pill, but how huge is the effect.
90% chance luke gets KO'd by left hook larry
NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew
Whoever in the fuck did Khabibs masonry work should be taken out and beat.
Conspiracy Bear
How long do you think it would take Diego to go crazy if he washed up on a desserted island?
strange land
TJ a true snake in the GraSS
Josh Franklin
Khabibs gym/bomb making facility is underway.
Michael Weddle
I wanna see Luke fight jon
Curtis Hill
Ali Abdelasleaze thats awesome and fitting perfect
The tax Collector
Some of these Russian fighters are inevitable to get caught cheating,they are renowned for competing while using steroids,eventually I believe it’s going to come out and destroy their reputation like it did during the Olympic Games and other sports
Travis Fraser
Khabib the type of guy to pay close to a million in fines, including his buddies fines, and still build a multi million dollar training facility in Dagestan right after without even having a fight since.... like damn, that's some serious Russian money
Thomas Celestin
So was Costa going to punch Yoel Romero softly before he accused him of taking PEDs😂
Fuck outta here Novitzky
Khabibs gym makes me proud of being American. That gym would be shut down by OSHA if it was in the states. Lol
What a stupd title on this vid.... I think fighters should learn exactly what tj did and follow his legacy....i would love to get a 2 year break after making millions and millions.... He doesnt even have to give back the money lol... Screw legacy.....his legacy is already in the such thing as legacy in mma...
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MMA Thug Life Crazest moves Fighters should look at what 1 day ago   11:34

MICHEL PEREIRA defeats KIM DAE-SUNG by TKO(Knee Kick) at 2R 1:02