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Angela Merkel's Exit As Her Party's | Avocado - A Positive Superfood Trend? - At Up-Tube.com

Angela Merkel's exit as her party's Avocado - a positive superfood trend? 1 year ago   06:47

DW News
In Germany, a political era is drawing to a close as Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down as leader of her conservative party, the Christian Democrats (CDU), after 18 years at its helm. A party conference has begun in Hamburg where delegates are due on Friday to elect Merkel's successor - the person who might become Germany's next chancellor.
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Comments 355 Comments

Cymoon RBACpro
She has destroyed German
Laurie Smith
Good , she sucked.
Eve Goodmon
Good ridden...
germans wake up
Merkel is evil under sheep clothing. Europe is about gone.
Gayle Elizabeth
....Such a strange, creepy woman : Power-hungry from an early age ....Stabbing her own mentor in the back, in order to take his job....repeatedly betraying her people & democracy by not ASKING their opinion on major issues & changes to their HOME...Good BYE.
the last emperor
Shouldn't let her finish her term kick the hag out now
Heidi Elle
She was relevant in her time, but the tide is turning massively in Europe. It might be best if she simply left NOW. What's done is done, what's gone is gone. Now it's time for moving on. Regardless, i will miss her highly recognizable presence. For quite some time it had a very reassuring quality.
I think she appears a good person. She let the refugees in, thats true, a little bit uncontrolled. It created problem. But German people are strong, the mentality, ideology and social system are effective. Then good luck. Make these human lives useful.
Renate Zorlu
For God's sake go!!!!
буба туба
And she is real christian.Guys stop being racist and be more christian.
буба туба
Angela merkel is Angel and live saver)
This is great news. Like a doctor telling you the cancer is gone!
Jimy Piha
Merkel actually thought that by inviting destructive elements from Islamic State terrorists to integrate and be included in Germany’s Welfare State...
Would make up for killing elegant, productive and brilliant people like Ana Frank.
She thinks that a brilliant brilliant book writer is equal to a brutal barbaric terrorist.
She thinks that by turning Germany into a Islamic State Caliphate would make up for the Holocaust.
Merkel people are not equal, their actions differentiate them.
John Boz
You're fired
Joseph Autumn
controlled exit lol
Suomalainen sotilas
Compulsory military service is not a right-wing or left-wing idea, it’s authoritarian vs libertarian.
Tomas Rehal
She said German did very very horrible things to the world in the past, now she wants to do something good for the world. But entire German are against her because of doing good things.
Napoleon I Bonaparte
Respects to dear Merkel.
bing bingbung
death to merkel
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Avocado - a positive superfood trend? Angela Merkel's exit as her party's 1 year ago   28:26

From avocado toast to guacamole, this superfood has stolen the hearts of foodies and the health conscious around the world. But where do avocados come from?

Avocados have become a huge food trend in the Western world, where the creamy fruit has become readily available in shops, cafes and restaurants. The avocado is considered a superfood and is popular in Europe because of its nutritional value. Avocados are high in calories, contain mostly monounsaturated fat and are good for cholesterol. The fruit is full of essential nutrients, including potassium and vitamin C. But there's a darker side to the fashionable fruit popular on toast or in salads. In Chile, one of the world's largest suppliers, avocado cultivation has dramatic consequences and has been linked to water shortages, human rights violations and an environmentally damage. The province of Petorca has a long tradition of avocado farming. Once grown by small farmers, production has been soaring since the global avocado boom of the 1990s. Big landowners now dominate the avocado market there. And their business requires large amounts of water. It takes up to 1000 liters of water to grow one kilo of the fruit (about three avocados) - a lot more than for a kilo of tomatoes or potatoes. The region is suffering an acute water shortage, exacerbated by climate change. The riverbeds dried up years ago. Trucks bring tanks of water to families in need, while thousands of hectares of avocado groves just next door are watered with artificial reservoirs. Rodrigo Mundaca founded the NGO Modatima. He fights for the right to water - a right that’s guaranteed by the UN and that Chile has committed to. An aerial survey in 2012 revealed that 64 pipelines were diverting river water underground, apparently to irrigate the avocado fields. When the Modatima activists publicly voiced their criticism, they received death threats. Water became a commodity in Chile in 1981 under the Pinochet dictatorship, meaning it’s privatized. Those who offer the most money get water licenses, even for life, regardless of the potential consequences for the ecosystem. The avocado also has a pretty dire environmental footprint. They’re packaged to prevent damage and transported in air-conditioned cargo ships to Europe. The fruit then ripens in a factory in Rotterdam, before it’s sent "ready to eat” to German supermarkets. "Europe wants to eat healthily - at our expense,” says Mundaca.

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