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Live on Adobe Live YouTube creators John Hill ( and Sara Dietschy ( are two successful video makers. They release videos every day on their YouTube channels. During this live stream, they will edit live their episodes and share their best tips and tricks to be productive with Premiere Pro.

Check out current and future streams here:

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Cedric Lucas
whats the song at the start please
Piia K
That SONY life
Justin Rose
John seems like such a fucking douchebag
i live in San Pedro Now . John still hasn't skated the dope spots , its like all they do is sunken city in pedro . ( fear the walking dead s1 ep6 ending was at Sunken city ) .
Red Bull had a down hill skate challenge near there .
i know Sara and Adobe threw John (adobe has been cool since VideoCopilotDOTnet)
Those bridges they keep showing by the Long beach Docks 20:00 there building those taller for bigger future ships . (which will slightly slow the rotation of earth a little more )
science is what i do ,
im an Inventor Fabricator Theorist .
we can save the earth from the expanding Sun -

something previously thought to be impossible but have figured out .

and much more
Gabriela Retana
This felt like watching a behind the scenes of a dope magic trick. It's so cool we got to see their process, specially Sara's.
I don't even use Premiere and just watched this whole video. Strangely entertaining.
ghia wafa
thats why sarah never made a video how i edit my video.. but this is way better
Ampi Paredes
Love this videos! very helpful for small youtubers like me :)
So insightful thank you guys
At 1:39:45 you mention the publish to YouTube is still in beta? It's been on my Premiere Pro CC 2017 for ages now - are you referring to something different?
thoroughly enjoyed!
Patrick Levar
hhhhmmmmmmm OK 😒
Picture Art
wow nicccc
Nick Scanlan
Guys. I've been waiting for something like this fo so looooong
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Collaborative UX Design Workflows with How to edit and publish videos for your 4 months ago   1:57:20

Join UI/UX Designer Arsha Kiani on Adobe Live as he designs a finance mobile app using Adobe XD. This week, Arsha will use Adobe XD’s collaboration features to demonstrate valuable workflows.

Arsha is an award winning design director based out of the Seattle area.


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:

Intro: 2:20
How to add a character style: 11:59
Tips for learning UI design: 21:55
Coloring the layout: 26:32
How to use Paste Appearance: 55:32
How to add a plugin: 1:30:36