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What Steven Seagal Says | Van Damme Vs Steven Seagal - Hollywood - At Up-Tube.com

What STEVEN SEAGAL says Van Damme vs Steven Seagal - Hollywood 11 months ago   03:29

Jean-Claude Vandammelibrary
Here are the Steven Seagal's video interviews where he speaks about Jean-Claude Van Damme and other action stars (martial artists).

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Respect to a person who says what he really thinks even though it might sound negative.
I said in my head Michael jai white and then dude says it that's a no brainer!!!!!!!!! SS is such a hack and gets the most undeserved attention
BRad From The Valley
help when you dad is Lyndon Bane Siroc and you are russian serbian native by way of the far east....fly like a seagal to the sea....wasn't Vegas supposed be started by someone with that name....
Christina Hill
Haters will always hate...smh
Sonam Sherpa
Let caged him with khabib and tge match be like unlimited time
Mobile Gamers Unite
Jcvd! 4 lyfe!....doe!
Dovah Kanye
"Can I laugh in your face?" Go ahead it doesn't make you any less of a dickhead, Micheal Jai White, Van Damme, and Chuck Norris have all proven themselves to be legitimate martial artists. Seagal on the other hand has never proven to be one, just talk.
Lion Spratt
I never had much respect for this guy, but now I lost every little bit I had. The first thing they teach you at a martial artist school is to be honest, like many people already said. To say Jai White and Van Damme are not Martial Artists, is not being humble at all....and not to mention is jealous liar. They can do things I've never seen Steven Seagal do.
Ben Markus
Van Damme would fucking snap Segal in half...
Did I miss secret hand-shake day again or are we all just gonna ignore the hair?
Eddy The Buddy
Van Damme, Michael Jai White and Chuck Norris in his 80’s would still beat this shit talkers ass.
Wow. 400 pounds of fighting fury.
Hear tell your riding high on a pile of bullshit about yourself. I've only seen you do one move, your block block flip bullshit. I'm sure Van Damme would beat you into the next zip code. Your a fake....
Neil Thomas
Van damme's fights and martial arts background is well known and documented,where is Segal's??
All the guys he's laughing at are real fighters,bet he wouldn't dare fight a single one of them...
Always liked Seagal as a kid, but once I grew up and read all the behind the scenes behavior I realized what a true douche is like in person. I really hope he doesn't think he's the toughest dude in Hollywood. Anyone in the Gracie family would eat this dude for breakfast.
Segal is a hack and a fraud. All he ever did is talk a lot of shit. One look at this asswipe without a shirt even in his prime will tell you he doesn't train for shit.
Even Stallone corroborated the story about Jc calling out Seagal and Seagal punking out. He said it happened at his house during a party.
song thao
He is not a true martial artist..he is the vilian of kung fu movies..the bad guy just want to challenge everyone..at the end ..will loose
Anonymous Anonymous
Seagal is a morron..
Gary Dupuis2
Wow, Seagal is kind of an arrogant putz! I thought martial artists were supposed to be humble?
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Van Damme vs Steven Seagal - Hollywood What STEVEN SEAGAL says 11 months ago   11:06

One dream matchup was Steven Seagal vs. Jean Claude Van Damme, two of the biggest action movie heroes of the day. To Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa, here's a look at some hollywood tough-guy matchups.
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