Trump Storms Out of Meeting With Nancy Pelosi Says Trump's 3 months ago   03:22

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‘I’m the most transparent president probably in the history of this country.’ — President Trump stormed out of another meeting with Nancy Pelosi yesterday after she accused him of ‘a cover-up.’
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In US news, President Trump and Nancy Pelosi are in a feud after Trump stormed out of their meeting with Charles Schumer (Chuck Schumer) to discuss infrastructure. At Trump press conference later from the White House Rose Garden Trump threatened to stop working with the Democrats because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump's attempt to stop congressional investigations post Robert Mueller report a cover-up. The Mueller report reaction from Democrats in Congress has been them wanting to question key figures and see the full Mueller report. The Nancy Pelosi clap back to Trump came later at the Nancy Pelosi press conference.

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Jeff m
His concern for the American people is touching! How can anyone believe in this train wreck, con job.
Hawkins 157
Would not be sad if I woke up and hes not president
jessica miranda
Transparent is when you're too dumb or obvious to make a decision. People know everything about you even if you would prefer them not to.
Unless the word has changed. I was always under the impression that was used as an insult.
Michael B.
I can't blame Trump for storming out. For two years the Unhinged Democrats have done nothing but smeared and accused Trump and even his family over a hoax, And here comes Pelosi out of left field blaming Trump for a cover up. 2020 is going to be 2016 all over again. Even I would have done the same and any other sane person would too.
Sure he didn’t have a cover up because we still haven’t read the muller report.
Giovanni Filippi
Nancy is such a piece of trash
Toddler in Chief 🤣
So he can't walk and chew gum at the same time, in other words.
Romeo Leo
Pelosi needs to be fired she’s not mentally capable to hold office !
Trump 2020 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸
juju bone
I love Trump
Marcel Besselink
"I'm the most transparent president in history". So how about your tax returns?
Kitty S.
Hope he will proceed to Moscow and ask for asylum after he leaves japan
Apple Tree
Blah, blah, blah. Put up or shut up Pelosi. Yap, yap yap.
Joey Mooney
Garbage ending to a decent video. Pelosi sounds like she has a speech impediment
David Z
The man is smarter than most of you give credit for. It would not surprise me one bit for him to make a big deal out of all of this just to make the Democratic Party look like idiots again when they find nothing.

Let the man be and see if he can do his job. I’ve never seen a president so persecuted.
Russell Barnes
He's better than Hillary could dream to be. As Nancy Pelosi would say "you can take that to the bank"
lol yall better prepare to lose again in 2020
you keep lying about trump trying to make him look a certain way all you can, it doesnt work and you will lose if you keep doing i
A King
Transparent: Obvious lies, greed, vanity, gluttony, sloth, anger & adultery...
Stephan Medlin
It’s a Cover Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Pray For The President!!!!!!!!!
Is that all it takes to join your little group?
No thanks.
August Finck
“ most transparent president ever”. So Trump where are your tax returns?
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