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Doug Demuro’S Take On New Cars | Here's Why The Rolls-Royce Phantom Is The Perfect - At Up-Tube.com

Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect 6 months ago   10:51

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Should you buy new cars or used cars? Doug DeMuro provides his opinions on whether people should buy new or used cars, and gives his take on when people should get new cars and when they should get used ones.

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Éliphas Lévi
Sweet spot for value is usually 20 years old, at least here in Germany. Safety features were abundant even back then. A good crumble zone, strong pillars, airbags and good road-holding are important. Self-braking, collision warning etc. are gimmicks. People weren't stupid 20 years ago.
Jaion Cebollero
That older car safety argument is a massive reach Doug and I’m surprised something so silly even came out of you mouth. A good driver doesn’t need cameras or beeps to back up. And a used car doesn’t have to be from the 90’s... a 2008-16 used car would be fine.
Chris Gugleta
Your wife sounds like my mom. Safety features.
Chris Gugleta
Yes, Doug. Your Ford GT must have a ton of safety features.
Evan Pavlovic
I have a ‘97 Corolla and I suddenly don’t feel like driving today
25th Century Gamer
Doug DeMuro- financial Adviser
Phoenix Rising
Doug your point about safety sounds good but then again I was driving in a brand new 2017 Mercedes e class about a year ago and let me tell you the safety tech in the car really made no difference. I still got really hurt and none of the airbags deployed like they should have and none of the safety tech made a difference. Somehow I feel the result would’ve been the same in my much older 2008 Audi A4
Doug, the type of guy to talk about himself in the third person.
Anthony Stark
If the car isn't too too expensive, like the $40k range, that you can afford, depreciation doesn't really matter. That's where I'm at. The other thing is that I plan to run them into the ground and don't really plan on selling it at least for a long while so I'll get my moneys worth in with the length of ownership and the happiness that car would bring.
Tyler Haskins
or if the new car is just cheap...
Thank you. Today, because of your video, I learned that there is a special name in US for people who don`t have debt and try not to spend money on useless stuff.
In Europe we call them "any reasonable person".
Randy Tinsman
The fit he threw about the Toyota was awesome lol
Samuel Linares
That so much BS. We grew up on cars that didnt have any safety devices and we are all good. The nice technology features I can understand but safety Nah
It would be an interesting video for you to do about your general perception about certain auto makers. Like the european ones, us ones, japanese ones etc. Maybe a little touch joking about the preprejudices about some of them.
Shawnlize Leatherdale
Owned one new car - glad of warranty as 4 engines and transmissions before the dealership bought it back . I much prefer used , and haven't owned a car made after 1988.
Debate Me!
All the new cars don't break only the used ones do! I get it.

Okay I get that he's not saying literally that new cars don't break but he's making an argument fat people buying new cars don't want to deal with that but that's just part of owning a car. Those used cars were once new as well before they got used and start breaking down.
In Canada buying a used car is cheaper up front but it kills you in insurance and possibly gas depending on what you get. the improvements in safety of new cars and the guarantee that nothing has worn down or been tampered with is a huge relief to insurance companies. As well as most dealers offer a 2 or 3 year warranty if you do total it. There’s a lot less security with used cars.
Alasdair JCW
So many valid points in this. Great video Doug!
@doughdemuro as anyone ever told you you resemble Jay Leno? ;)
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Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars 6 months ago   10:25

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