Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect 2 months ago   10:51

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Should you buy new cars or used cars? Doug DeMuro provides his opinions on whether people should buy new or used cars, and gives his take on when people should get new cars and when they should get used ones.

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When you clone a human with Jay Leno and Quentin Tarantino DNA.
Tim Crawford
Everyone keeps saying they need safety features yet they drive around on cellphones. Put the phone down and pay attention
Cristhian Ortiz
FOUR ads in the first 2:11 minutes..... jeez
Doug, for repairs (engine light on, electrical problem, etc) or maintenance (oil change, brakes, etc), on expensive cars like Jag, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc, do you prefer taking your car to a dealer or an independent repair place ? Dealers usually have that nice places to relax, or they give you a loner car, the place is usually luxureous, etc, but they tend to overcharge and find things that dont really need fixing. Whereas independent places are cheaper and are usually dumps, with no comfortable place to sit, and no accommodations, but they can be way cheaper.
"Well, yeah that's true... until you're *DEAD* "
sky nguyen
What yours take on use shoes at goodwills wearing use shoes is dangerous
For me it’s not about saving money, more so about getting more car in a 3 year old model for the same amount of money.

Plus protesting the monopolistic new car dealership model.
I ride a supermoto, so any car is insanely safe for me ahaha
Johannes Dolch
There is one thing you haven't taken into account and that is abundance mentality. And whether you want to think that it's psychological or metaphysical, it's real. Your Career took off when you decided that you are now a guy who owns a Ferrari. Just think about that for a second. And then decide again if it's a good Idea to cheap out on everything and declare everything "too expensive"
Joel Castro
Be clear on what you are looking for and most importantly what your budget is, no regrets if these 2 factors are front and center
bruce Wechtler
I buy certified Lincoln's,been lucky.Toyotas and Honda's trade way too high, better value new unless really old but then safety figures are as you say weak.Would love a 12 cylinder Phaeton but no way.
THANK YOU! I am related to a bunch of absolute STICKLERS and any time I even mention a new car I get crucified for it. There is more than one way to live your life! Yes it is good to save money but not at the cost of your own happiness in my opinion.
Chris Abby
Comments are way better than the video😝
What a great video.
Pix3lCam0z JDM
*wait he drives a bmw x4?*
Battle Mations
Why do people make fun of doug he's a good guy trying to make a living. Like If u agree
Michael Converse
Well said Doug. Although an Escalade vs a new Corolla probably won’t go well for the Corolla driver
Nathan McDaniel
Im debt free and own my affordable dream car. Im 31
Earl balance
Good review
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Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars 2 months ago   10:25

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