Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect 1 week ago   10:51

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Should you buy new cars or used cars? Doug DeMuro provides his opinions on whether people should buy new or used cars, and gives his take on when people should get new cars and when they should get used ones.

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I would buy a used car again just so I don’t have all the stuff you include in “safety”
Buy two cars then.
A new one for joy drives and on weekends.
A used one for daily commute.
Zachary Bale
Review the Lincoln Nautilus
Global 1 Federal express
the more features u have on the car the more problems u will face especially when they start giving problems when the vehicle gets older.
Dale Harsh
"Horde money to retire 5 years early"... ok... Doug said that so I will go with it. :)
Roger Lecucq
In Germany, there is a system called "Jahreswagen", which basically means you go to big car dealers of every major german car brand and enquire about 1 year old used cars. They usually habe low mileage, the price is decent minus the depreciation costs already, they are dealer checked so no technical hassels and you still can get a warranty just in case. Volkswagen does that on a huge scale, Mercedes does that too ("Junge Sterne"= means "young stars" which means you acquire a newish Merc with the famous star on the hood). That would be my way of buying a used car with confidence. A good system. Do you have that in the United States too??
Dane Pacheco
Modern cars are just so over engineered nowadays.
Ford ST
My Wife drove a brand new Nissan rogue with all the safety options it was a rental don't worry would never buy that. She hated all of the safety features could not stand them, and does not want them on Her car. Adaptive cruise control is way over sensitive. Lane keep assist can pull the vehicle to hard. The automatic braking can go batshit crazy in certain intersections especially during left turns where are vehicles cross each other. No good not needed.
Ford ST
You see I like smaller cars that typically with incentives you can get for under 25 thousand new. I keep my vehicles till death. I like to buy new. If I wanted a luxury car it would be smart to buy used. If I wanted to buy a Escalade it would be smart to buy used. If I wanted a Fiesta ST like I have it's smart to buy new.
Once you drive the new car off the lot it becomes used and a few thousand dollars instantly gone. 2 - 3 year old cars can perform just as good as new cars. Let someone else take the massive depreciation hit.
Jon B.
A new car is a luxury not a necessity.
Kll Kll
4:45 ha Doug u lil bitch
Alexander de Burdegala
I am a car enthusiast however, I prefer new because I like that special edition or I like the colors and features I want. I also like knowing I did all the maintenance etc.
Good points Doug although does anyone actually 'buy' a new car? The reason I don't buy new is because you're just renting essentially.
If you can wrench, used is always way to go. If you can’t, certified 2-3 years old is the best deal.
Now with this video. I’m gonna go to nsx and Supra owners and tell them to sell their cars for only $10,000. Those Nsx and MKIV Supras are not safe.
Bruno gomes sentone
Doug CMON....seriously

You fucked up a lot on this video

Buying a USED CAR is totally different from buying a OLD one...

A 2017 mustang GT can cost at minimum 25% to 30%than a new one.

WITH THE SAME SECURITY FEATURES....warranty and everything else, with the o lot difference being... well... USED but still NEW.

This is what “personal finances” people tell when they recommend a USED lost their point buddy.... used NOT old...

People who buy OLD cars cannot be compared to those looking for used versus new....they have totally different reasons.
gabriel mcgouran
Stopped watching you ages ago , now wondering who your sponsor is ? maybe drop in again in 18 months. Hope you get back to what you did best.
Pera Kojot
So new euphemism for sheep is "enthusiasts" :D.
Pera Kojot
This guy is just dumb. By buying used car for the amount of money that the new car costs one will certainly get more safety because 2x more expensive (when new) and 3 years old car will have better safety features than new car that is half the price.
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Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars 1 week ago   10:25

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