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The Cast Remembers: Sophie Turner | Game Of Thrones - The Blooper Collection - At Up-Tube.com

The Cast Remembers: Sophie Turner Game of Thrones - The Blooper Collection 3 months ago   04:47

Sophie Turner describes growing up on Game of Thrones and how hard it was to say goodbye to the cast and crew.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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It's a shame that Sansa never got to have a proper romance. She really grew into a beautiful young woman.
Victoria Oh
I love Sansa so much. She’s literally the only main female I like. I admire how she’s a smart and confident person and doesn’t need military experience, a throne or dragons to be a leader. Yes, she was annoying in the beginning and still can be sometimes, but she’s a human. And all humans have their flaws.
Steven Smith
A powerful character portrayed beautifully. The only Stark (arguably Bran?) that didn't have warfare as a tool to fight with. Had to learn the hard way (via Cersei, Petyr, Tyrion etc) how to fight with control, patience and intellect
Emily Smith
Yeah girls all you need to become the queen is to have a king brother an assassin sister and come from a prestigious family. You don’t have to do anything by yourself.
I love Sophie soooo much and Sansa, she’s such a badass!
i just wish Ned and Cat had been able to witness their children growing into such amazing, strong, people
Where is iwan rheon as Ramsey Bolton and Jack Gleeson as Joffery Baratheon??????
Paul Wu
I Love sophie
Loyal Leafeon
She is much better than Dany.
Benjamin Cao
Man I miss this show
I was kinda disappointed at Ramsay Bolton being eaten by hounds. He really deserved to be skinned alive, slowly.
Shane Jordan
She didnt talk about the rape scene? That must of been crazy to film.
Red Bearz
Anyone know what the song is called at 1:38 ?
She was one of my favourite characters on the show. Her arc was so heartbreaking as she got passed from monster to monster and endured so much pain and abuse, but she came out so strong in the end. Sophie has said she is interested in writing and directing so I think she'll do some wonderful work in the future.
Romi Lozano
vivek gurung
I feel sad for the unsullied and the has that they traveled so far just to loose their queen, friends,and love and in return make Sansa the queen of the north who indeed learned a lot to play games from little finger. GoT undeniably deserved a better ending.
Deepti Dangi
In a way i feel cat felt that Robb would be the one to save winterfell. What if she knew her delicate girly daughter was the one to do it.
Piyush Priyadarshi
I hated Sansa so much in first few seasons 🤣🤣
No Name
She talks about how people bullied her online because she gained weight, where has she ever been even close to thick? When she talked about it with Dr Phil, when she mentions her gaining weight I was like when? When have you ever been anything but skinny? Also she say people talk about her nose that it’s big and her spotty face, where????? Her nose is perfect! What spots? People are just horrible! Absolutely horrible!
omfg they used the mass effect song
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Game of Thrones - The Blooper Collection The Cast Remembers: Sophie Turner 3 months ago   05:49

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