8 Things to STOP Doing When 5AM WAKE UP ROUTINE IDEAS 2 months ago   11:07

Thomas Frank
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Mornings present you with a huge opportunity to practicing good habits. Often, though, our mornings are filled with more BAD habits than good ones.

Today, I'm breaking down 8 common habits that you need to remove from your mornings if you're currently doing them.

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Anton Karandeev
Thumbs up for not wanting to disappoint Jocko.
Priscilla Kennedy
Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to your water when hard boiling eggs and they will peel easily, also No the eggs wont taste vinegar-y, yes the shell is porous but the egg has a membrane under the shell... thats why if you drop an egg on the counter it doesnt always crack all the way... sorry nerdy farm girl here... anyways... try the vinegar trick... at least once...
Έρε Γιέγκα
I want your pc wallpaper with the forest
Verónica Haro
Is that a Castlevania poster? Cool! :) (Love the video too!)
Jordan Ders
I just wanna say ... thank you man ! Thank you
Zackery Crouch
Decisions like allowing men into womens bathroom, resulting in assaults on girls
evan planas
Oh oh he mentioned Jordan Peterson. I guess that means he's a Nazi now.
A Shapeshifter
9. Masturbation
Petra44YT Nein!
After boiling eggs, rinse them under cold water. The shells will come off easily.
Better yet: Do NOT eat eggs at all. Have a healthy vegan breakfast instead.
Watching this in the morning and got all of these checked lol
welp i'm doing all of these i am dead
Life Engine Optimization
Tip #5 is insightful and I fully agree. You willpower strength is strong in the morning and studies back this up. So cleaning the night before is a truly more effective habit to do as opposed to the misconceived cleaning in the morning
Yvonne chimani
Did he just add cry to his plan?😂😂😂
I'm just getting up, in bed, watching this video. I've failed. 😏
i dont agree with the snooze button thing. i put the alarm 20min before pland getting up on purpose to do a gradual wake up, it tells my body, you are a king you can take your time
Courtney Herz Art
Cool tips. I put baking soda in the pot when I boil eggs and it makes them easier to peel. :)
patsy duncan
How long did it take your arm to heal when you hurt it and did you do anything to help that process
Emperor Predator
I just woke up and watched this video
When you've got 6 out if 8...oupsi
Meh don’t eat breakfest, give your body and metabolism a break for 16hours/day
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5AM WAKE UP ROUTINE IDEAS 8 Things to STOP Doing When 2 months ago   16:32

Want to wake up at 5am but not sure what you should be doing? Here are 10 early morning routine ideas to optimize your day!

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