8 Things to STOP Doing When 5AM WAKE UP ROUTINE IDEAS 2 days ago   11:07

Thomas Frank
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Mornings present you with a huge opportunity to practicing good habits. Often, though, our mornings are filled with more BAD habits than good ones.

Today, I'm breaking down 8 common habits that you need to remove from your mornings if you're currently doing them.

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More on how to wake up early: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/6KSNLADVZ3D

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Watching this video 10 mins after waking up
Mooooorniiiiing? Doesn't ring a bell
Hans Peter
There is no way I can wake up 5 am at the weekend :-(
Ayesha Irfan
The only reason I find it hard to delay looking at social media is because I fear I'm missing important updates. One of my favourite celebrities passed away more than a year ago and since then I've been quite obsessive about checking for updates on people I like :(
My problem with this is that he is trying to play life like some game where you need to get the highest score. It doesn’t work like that
Angie Bolig
You're videos are actually kind of a soothing way to start the day and gain insight into more productive options. thanks :)
marcos roberto
My problem is to Waking up earlier. At 5:30 am I start to work, and it's hard to used to. I want to find a method to help me.
Daryldale Mariano
sorry, but i really disagree for number 5 cause i love cleaning ❤️
Omg his eyes!
Muskan Narang
1. Checking Social Media right after you wake up
2. Eating unhealthy
3. Hitting the snooze button
4. Complaining
5. Cleaning up your living space and work space
6. Planning your day
7. Starting the day with negative news
8. Getting up at different times
Stargazer Lily
Well hello Thomas 😍😍😍
There is a bit of fluff on your chin that I just can't not look at. .w.
Interestingly, I have never complained right after I wake up. Maybe it is just because i am not sober enough yet to identify anything I want to complain about.
"I'm actually reading Jordan Peterson's book right now,"

oof. give me the cool refreshing taste of Yike's: Hard Pass
6:07 cracked me up!
Beth Burnett
Well, I had a nap last night... woke up at 4am then watched this video😂
SmearedBlackInk Ⓥ
Since when is Jordan Peterson an expert in nutrition? How are eggs healthy?

Video idea is cool but guy is severely misinformed.
What if I don't check social media but I check the games I play in order to efficiently use energy that stacked overnight.
Young Magnates
Great video, definitely agree. In fact I don't just think it's social media, but phones/technology in general we should skip first thing. Even checking email allows other people to dictate how your morning goes, and interrupts your routine.
Jodie Clayton
I’m watching this to try wake me up
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5AM WAKE UP ROUTINE IDEAS 8 Things to STOP Doing When 2 days ago   16:32

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