8 Things to STOP Doing When 5AM WAKE UP ROUTINE IDEAS 5 months ago   11:07

Thomas Frank
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Mornings present you with a huge opportunity to practicing good habits. Often, though, our mornings are filled with more BAD habits than good ones.

Today, I'm breaking down 8 common habits that you need to remove from your mornings if you're currently doing them.

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My hack for waking up early: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/QMCAdWp-Wrt

More on how to wake up early: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/6KSNLADVZ3D

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Blactindo 1
good information
The first thing I do in the morning is read, but.. it happens to be on my phone and in my bed so it still doesn’t seem that good for me
Jibreel Carr
What about YouTube
Hamza Brahimi
Can you make your videos shorter
Cínthia Carvalho
Social media is destroying the world... prove me wrong
A. Citizen
Oops! Bad marketing. You shouldn't have mentioned your girlfriend. A lot of these ladies and a few guys (based on the comments) have come to look at you. Try not to mention her again. LOL
your eyes killed me
Nafaazu Chirno
Glad the first thing on the list is checking social media on your phone as soon as you wake up. It really deserves that spot.
gaganpreet kalkat
Can you please make a video on how to have a schedule for your hobbies along with 9 hr job plz
amit arora
Very nice
marina rep
Lion fifi
hahaha the 6:07 cry
gary smallwood
Also get a job so you won't smart phone all morning.
gary smallwood
Clacking pans and coffee mugs would be a good start.
Mary Chen
I only check social media in the morning because I can’t open my eyes in the morning and the bright light from my phone helps me wake the hell up.
I felt that
Where do you guys listen to podcasts?
Success agoal
The morning routine is very important, if the distractions start then they will follow us for the rest of the day
Jonathan Lumbreras
0:27 I’m glad he put the filthy frank pic
That was super funny
Oskar Fischer
I'm just looking that video laying down in the bad after I wake up😅
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5AM WAKE UP ROUTINE IDEAS 8 Things to STOP Doing When 5 months ago   16:32

Want to wake up at 5am but not sure what you should be doing? Here are 10 early morning routine ideas to optimize your day!

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