Daylesford Speedway Caravan Race ivan mauger 72years old riding 7 months ago   33:21

Ethan Brown Photography
the crowd had the show of the year when the boys and girls at Daylesford Speedway took to the track with there Caravans. it was a great way to Finnish of the season at Daylesford and it got a big crowd for the day. People wanted to leave and go home but they weren't leaving until the very end. this video contains the original noise unlike our B-Bash ones so this one may contain course language

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ivan mauger 72years old riding Daylesford Speedway Caravan Race 7 months ago   01:37

RESPECT to IVAN MAUGER he is 72years old riding a bike from 1951.. at the honda broadford bike bonanza vic.. hes a KIWI, 15 TIMES WORLD CHAMPION. THE MAN...7/04/2012... broadford bike bonanza