All The Proof You Need Jussie Smollett Stephen McDaniel interrogation (Lauren 4 months ago   33:23

Derek Van Schaik
Here's all the proof you need that Jussie Smollett staged his hate crime attack against himself - body language secrets

Jussie Smollett is an actor on the hit Fox TV show, Empire. Jussie claims he was jumped and assaulted by two Donald Trump supporters, in the early morning hours of January 29, 2019, right outside his Chicago apartment (North Water Apartments). Initially, the media (CNN, TMZ, Fox News, MSNBC), Hollywood (Ellen Page, Lee Daniels, The View, The Talk, The Real), and presidential candidates (Cory Booker, Kamala Harris) gave Jussie an outpouring of support and seemed to have condemned Trump Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporters.

However, after an elaborate investigation, police (Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson) believe they have irrefutable evidence that Jussie Smollett is not a victim, but a perpetrator filing a false police report on a fake hate crime attack to gain publicity so he can demand a higher salary on his TV show. Despite all the police evidence against Jussie, including his "attackers" (Abel and Ola Osundairo) cooperating with Chicago Police, Jussie is still claiming his innocence. So we’re going to investigate by reading his body language during this famous Good Morning America (GMA) interview with Robin Roberts, and using police evidence, to determine if Jussie Smollett is lying.

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Isabella Osses
I’m the gay 2pac 😂😂😂😂😂
Well, now that Chigao has flipped into MAGA country, 2020 will be a landslide for Trump.
frinton adams
imo after the trial if found guilty he should loose his job and live in obscurity for life ie no “acting” no ad work no book deal nuthin and no saying I am rehabilitated can I get my life back ? NO NO ! but no jail time unless he breaks my orders then it would have to be hard long jail time
It becomes apparent just💥 WHO the RACISTS REALLY ARE,💥
the peon bad actor(smellette) FOOL and all the people that LICKED THEIR
CHOPS at a story that follows their own racist narrative WHETHER TRUE
Ella M
man ellen page looks like her skin has been stretched over a skull at max capacity
BamBam Holyfeld
Don't drop the soap!!
Scott S
I think he believes his own lies.
Scott S
The left has to create their own hate crimes and blame the right time and time again. Who are the fascist?
VaBeach Beach
He needs some milk.
VaBeach Beach
I caught that, “ if I would have said” when I first saw this. I already believed he was lying but this confirmed it for me.
It’s Private
Dude.. cracked ribs don’t keep You from being able to walk 😂 he keeps throwing in unnecessary things. When people lie they try to tell as much truth as possible, so they won’t have too many lies to keep up with and try to convince You that they’re telling the truth by telling as much truth as they possibly can. He thinks You can’t walk with cracked ribs so he says “I walked into the hospital and I walked out the hospital” and he keeps bringing up the fact that his ribs weren’t cracked or broken, even though “people keep saying I broke my ribs” “I didn’t, I had bruised them but they aren’t cracked” “I walked in the hospital and I walked out the hospital”, he keeps telling A.S. much truth as possible to try to convince us that the whole story is true!
It’s Private
He didn’t want the cops to have his phone because more than likely there were texts between him and his “attackers” setting the shit up! I’m very surprised You didn’t mention this!
Jack Jones
Good Actor tbh
Nessa Palmer
I can't believe they thought this was real it smelled rotten from the jump. These rich liberals in their ivory castle neighborhoods are the real bigots that's why they are obsessed with race and sexual orientation.
Alexandra Da cunha
Embarrassing to watch!!!
Derek Weinert TV
Lmao if anyone wants to beat up jussie now. Do it. He wont report it. And shove a red dildy up his ass daying this is maga country
Jack James
Haha had to rewatch after the body cam footage came out 🤣
Muk Bang 2
The body cam footage has been released please do an update!!
Matthew Hiatt
Ok I’m a trump supporter.. I watch empire... GASP! Y’all are ignorant stereotyping idiots?
Rusty H
But the phone was in my pocket, but it had fallen out? well, which was it.
If this was my kid I would tell him to stop pausing to think about his next lie LOL
He also looked at his tear after wiping it to check if it was wet..... yep, good job.
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Stephen McDaniel interrogation (Lauren All The Proof You Need Jussie Smollett 4 months ago   1:52:21

Stephen McDaniel police interrogation after the Lauren Giddings murder in Macon Georgia in June 2011.

From CBS news:

According to the Macon Telegraph, at 4:30 a.m. on June 26, 2011, a masked McDaniel used a master key to enter Giddings' apartment while she slept. McDaniel wrote in his statement that he watched the victim as she slept; when she woke up, he strangled her to death and placed her body in her bathtub. The killer wrote that he returned to the apartment later that night, after a day spent largely on his computer, and dismembered the corpse with a hacksaw.

After police found the body, McDaniel was arrested on an unrelated burglary charge, according to the station, and officers only discovered evidence that he killed Giddings after looking through his apartment and on his computer.

Prosecuting attorney David Cooke said internet history showed McDaniel had been gathering information about his neighbor online. Investigators also found pictures and videos on McDaniel's camera that were dated the morning of Giddings' disappearance.

"The case took a turn for the worse for McDaniel when the computer evidence started coming out, and it just kept coming," said McDaniel's attorney, Frank Hogue. "They were continuing to find more and more evidence related to his computer and camera, and finally he agreed that was enough to get a conviction."

The plea deal prevents McDaniel from appealing his conviction. He will be eligible for parole in 2041, but Cooke says the killer will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

"Even if Stephen McDaniel had been found guilty, we never would have known exactly what happened to Lauren, we never would have known how she died, or what became of her body," Cooke said.


Thanks for watching!