LIVE Tesla Model Y Unveiling! 特斯拉Model Y发布,马斯克的跑量SUV,EPA续航最高483km,会国产【剁手风向标】 3 months ago   1:04:05

Now You Know
Join Zac and Jesse at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne CA for the Model Y Unveiling Event!

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Marco Panzanni
U guys ready for one of the most CRINGE WORTHY articles in a while? .. by Tesla's biggest hater...'s BOB "The Fossil Fool" LUTZ (i'm surprised he's still around ) pissing on Tesla's new Model-Y:
It was so awesome to meet you guys there! I placed my order for the Y today. I was about 5 people down to your right. I was right in front of the Y with a clear shot of Kimball, Mae, and Grimes.
Game Guy001
Tesla cars wont change the environment for the better because it will be too expensive to buy. Because there are more poor people than rich people. That's how you know it's all about money and not the environment
Wow! This is better than the dual Space X rockets landing! You guys are my new heros. I can’t wait for the Roadster ride!
dimitrios lianos
162,553 views Nice .... you did it Know You know .... now , they not more people...!! great work!!!
The model 3 now comes with 2 design options. sedan and hatchback.
Ed Jones
Hey guys, did you both know your livestream was 45 seconds ahead of Tesla's livestream?
Nicolaas Strik
So, Tesla made a Model 3 with a hatchback. Not impressed with the design.
Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS
Man, hold your cam straight!
Les Lewis
Jesse, your dry humor is hilarious
Marco Panzanni
This event was low key, compared to m3 or the Truck unveil. (w is good).
Mud slingers/Short Sellers will still loose their shit.
Scenario 1:
Tesla shows a SpaceX branded pen as accessory & announce that in the future they could expend the pen lineup with new shape variations & colors to accommodate market demand.
Media Analysts:
Tesla is INSANE, they are crazy & do unexpected insane things that instil panic into the shareholders & the market, they gonna blow billions of dollars on developing this ultra expensive pen with a SpaceX logo on it, it will cost thousands of Jobs, they will never be able to release it on time and for the quoted price, and it will cause Tesla to go bankrupt within a year.

Tesla decides not to show a new accessory, reduces price of the pen by $10 and ads a new color.
Media Analysts:
"We were expecting something crazy, insane, exciting & unexpected" and Tesla has lost it's edge and they have become a boring & UNDERWHELMING company, that instil doubt & fear for the future products into its shareholders base & soon will be overtaken by the established market players. They're gonna blow billions of dollars on developing this new ultra expensive pen with a SpaceX logo on it, that no one wants, and theres no demand for and that others can do better, cheaper and faster, in the end it will cost them thousands of Jobs, they will never be able to sell it for the quoted price as there is no demand for it, and it will cause Tesla to go bankrupt within a year.
Can it officially tow?
Michael Lawn
Tesla sucks, gas cars all the way baby!
gasdorfic muncher
i was watching on my ps3 video quality is terrible audio ...pc is the same what a same
Peter S
Steve Rose
this was a bust...glad I didn't stay up to watch. Why was there even an event for this Model 3 Refresh and history lesson on Tesla. Zac and Jesse please quit being such nerds
When the model x was introduced I saw lot comment that was saying it's just I higher model S whit facon wings
When model 3 was announced lot comment was saying it's just a smaller model S. And now whit this model y it's just a higher model 3.
It's the same whit other car manufacture.
BMW looks all like a BMW. Audi a4 its smaller than a Audi a5 but bigger than an a3. But they look all Audi.
Tesla has it's own personality and it's S3XY!
Love you guys, but I can't hear him finish a sentence...
>^..^< Well, it was a little bit better than watching paint dry.....
Colin Campbell
What a big let down.. Just as I thought it be? Just another model 3 with a little more room in it. and bigger price tag. Total waste of time! I can't see many people paying the bigger price for a Model Y that is just a Model 3 but costs more? Let's hope the Pick Up Truck launch when it comes is better? Also Jesse you doing a hard job there trying to film, But the damn streaming let you down it kept freezing the filming all at the wrong times too! Thanks for going there guys and reporting for us all. But Model Y sucks Sorry.
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特斯拉Model Y发布,马斯克的跑量SUV,EPA续航最高483km,会国产【剁手风向标】 LIVE Tesla Model Y Unveiling! 3 months ago   09:48

特斯拉Model Y发布,7座SUV,顶配3.5秒,450公里EPA续航。基于Model 3底盘造的SUV,空间上7座估计也大不了...