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Veronica Matchett
Adam's 2 homes are worth over $10 million - this is really a low-ball figure for what he's actually worth - he'll be worth a lot more if we all buy his 4th album, can't wait !!
Jonas Hopson
Flame out
Ricky Ric
He is a very talented performer. His performance of Cher’s believe at the Kennedy Honors was “off the charts”!
Vicki Kerry
Loved him when I first saw him on Idol. I picked him to win. He’s the most gorgeous looking man I’ve seen in a long time. Beautiful voice and more. Go Adam.
Irena Rudnicki
👍👍👍👍👍 ⚘🕊
Sarah Louise Campbell
I loved it around a tour at Los Angeles wonderful his amazing lifetime 👨🏼‍🎤🎤🎧🤩😎😜🥰💕
Patricia Bilinkas
Adam was such a gentleman about losing American Idol, but I knew we’d hear from him and not the winner, whoever he was.
Cathy Hiles
I love Adam. Very talented. He has a great personality and is drop dead gorgeous. One of my favorite songs is aftermath live on Idol. I like this version the best. Thanks Adam for all your entertainment. So Happy he is doing well.
Hanna Mercury
Singing someone’s song is not that hard work.
Bev Mordek
I always have thought this young man, Adam Lambert is the closest to being another Elvis Presley in so many ways but mostly his looks and that amazing voice. Wow really and I'm 76 years old, so I remember Elvis pretty well. I never idolized people ,singers, actors etc. but I have always had an appreciation for talent and believe it should be recognized whenever it's this incredible.
Anita Kovács
I am grateful for sharing this video. Does anyone may know, when Queen+Albert will tour in Europe again?
pups mom
Soooo happy for him! Finally, someone WITH REAL TALENT, is getting what he deserves!! He has a voice that is unsurpassed, stage presence of an icon. All those who try to bring him down and exclude him will surely find out that he will always be better than them. Perfection comes to mind when he sings ANY song!! Also, his speaking ability is like no other! May he continue to be blessed.
Gloria Baker
He's going places! 2/25/2019
Amazing Supergirl
I don’t understand why people are saying he’s the first openly gay artist to top charts. What about George Michael, Freddie Mercury, boy George, Elton John...lots of celebrities these days talk about their fluid sexuality like lady Gaga and Anna Kendrick who had her cup song hit #1. Maybe it’s cuz he’s SO open about it. It’s real no matter who he’s with
gracie ray
Check out Adams new song feel something
Marsha Eason
He is amazing inside and out
Jackie Austin
Should have won American Idol!!! Saw him twice in person. No one compares to him. Glambert forever😍😘😇
Lashelle Hall
I love you Adam 😘😘😘😘
Sahar Rahman Rad
My life
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