What to do if your Tesla runs Tesla Wall Connector vs. NEMA 9 months ago   16:45

Bjørn Nyland
I purposely run my car down to zero to show you what happens and what you have to do to recover. The best solution is to charge up before you run out.

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blek 353
15:40 If it is a fossil (tower), it will laugh at you 😂
John Davis
if you clicked on the 16 amp icon on your charge screen you can change the amps setting the charger will accept it was set to 16 so it only draws 16 ampsuse the up arrow to increase it (14:16-14:19) on your video(set charge limit)
Saud Hassan
Thank you so much for the solution for it my tesla just stoped on the mountains
Koito rob
What to do if your Tesla runs out of juice?

Off the top of my head i'd guess at, erm, PUT IT ON CHARGE?
Neil Viegas
That poor cable
Oliver O
Chuck Norris would take some diesel from a regular petrol station for his Tesla and drive it to a charger
Lei Chen
True man test it at a snowing night. Good job.
Kevin Meulenhof
I used my phone to charge my tesla
Nice stuff
Paw Paw
A Tesla powered Plymouth Prowler would be a great weekend cruiser.
Kami Easton
It would be cool if you could transform parts of the car into solar panels, or push a button to activate a roof sized solar panel of some kind - considering the roof is glass.

Might bump up the price, but it would be VERY sustainable.
Its against the law to tow a car in the UK !
99% of EVs dont come with a tow bar =wonder why ? if they did you could rex it with a 50 Kv generator & go for Hybrid status LOL ! /UK
Call for a diesel car transporter ,they dont make electic ones yet and when they do you will have to wait longer it will have to charge up ! /UK
The Sharper Image
What to do if your Tesla runs out of juice?......install an "alternator" type of unit that keeps the battery full all the time when driving and you will never have to worry about running out of juice....
Ogeid Zepol
Nice car but I will stick with gasoline for now, I don't find electric cars practical at all, to get you going again on the road depends on the recharge time which is not instantly like gasoline, in the EU the Euro6 emissions restrictions will force manufacturers to make cars less contaminant. So until electric vehicles don't develop instant battery recharge methods ... I'm sticking with petrol.
David Vonch
A tool for popping that off would be better than the key... 🙄
David Vonch
I wonder if insurance company's will at some point have roadside assistance to recharge it.
uhmm ok ha draymond here is a interesting question game 1 u win ok game 2 there was flood u lose okok game 3 no flood u lose
Ronald de Rooij
What to do if your Tesla runs out of juice? Well stupid question, like.... charge it ??? Jeez...
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Tesla Wall Connector vs. NEMA What to do if your Tesla runs 9 months ago   11:30

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