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Ally Kostial Case: Mississippi | Pt. 1: Ohio State Student Found - At Up-Tube.com

Ally Kostial case: Mississippi Pt. 1: Ohio State Student Found 2 days ago   23:43

True Crime Daily
Mississippi college student found dead miles away from home before anyone knows she's missing, fellow student arrested. Pennsylvania dad guns down the guy supposedly feeding his teen daughter drugs - but cops say he got it wrong. Investigators unravel mystery, discover more after Louisiana woman brings dead daughter into E.R. Iowa man storms off into blizzard one night in 2009 and vanishes. They finally found him - in the last place they looked. https://truecrimedaily.com/

Jasmine Anderson update: https://www.knoe.com/content/news/Jasmine-Anderson-declared-clinically-deceased-after-suicide-attempt-513338511.html

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andrea estes
My cousin was a CPS worker for a while. He had to quit, saying the system is so messed up it’s unbelievable. Kids that shouldn’t be taken are and kids who should be aren’t. I also worked for a state Foster Care Agency. At the time I left they hadn’t inspected their Group Home for over a year and only did so due to a government inspection and audit. There were mattresses missing, all counselors and some kids were on drugs. Another child had stuffed his locker of over a year of meds. The system is sick and broken.
Tovarisch Urrraaa
They're doing Podcast now!! Keep milking it.Next,True Crime Daily Animated
Kevin Harris
The UVA lacrosse student who beat his ex-girlfriend to death, only got 23 years. Money means a lot when it comes to court, even murder charges. Its despicable and disgusting. Hope this fucker fries.
Ron B
Why is it that the same imbeciles who accuse “CPS” for not doing enough are the very same imbeciles who criticize them for “overreaching”? Simpletons.
Ron B
College in Mississippi? They should focus on providing indoor plumbing to all their citizens first.
Hope that dad that murdered the innocent teenage kid goes to prison for life and his daughter never speaks to him ever again!
Protective parenting? Nope, he is just a murdering scumbag! What a nut job!
As for the guy behind the cooler, there is no way in hell his body would not have stank. The hygiene and work standards at that food market must have been dreadful!
No..the compressor noise I get..but I've worked in many food stores and restaurants, and interned in a morgue as a nursing student..there is zero comparison in a the smell of a grocery stores old foods and decomposing bodies, so I call a big nope on that..young kids may have not known that what they were smelling was beyond normal, but an adult should have at least questioned it...
Im convinced the CPS is ran by people with down syndrome.
That incoming phone call really messed him up
Dana Tanner
Most all of these cases involve drug use. Directly or indirectly. It's so sad
Bear Bones
“You Dropped a Bomb On Me?” I believe that’s the Gap Band. Was she pregnant? He sounds like just the kind who wouldn’t respond well to that news, ...and neither would Daddy.
Sounds like the father was a ticking time bomb and had a short fuse. Was there any abuse in his past?
Idc Idc
The first people are from my town:/ rip ally
MrsSerene Xero
Wait wait wait....the person who claims to have held her and dried her tears wasn't a suspect? That dad is very stupid,if his daughter is doing drugs then put her in rehab. The workplace is lying because there should be a camera recording and the mother is just repeating what she was told,I mean how can you not smell that and don't give me that rotten food...The smell of a dead body is different and can't be compared to rotten food...
spencer stewart
Until next week ... carry on boring people to death
Sebastian johansson
what in the name of god have you done to those eyebrows blow torch ? lol
Cabin Life at Eden Springs
The man shooting the young man just seems crazy. I would think drugs would be far took expensive for a young man in school to afford. So now the dad gets to spend his life in prison he can’t protect anyone now. The young lady lost the boyfriend and the dad too.
Cabin Life at Eden Springs
I know the area very well. It hit close to home. We are heartbroken over this lovely young lady being found this way. God bless her family and friends. May Gods peace be with you. Leslye
Harold Frets
Finally found him in the last place they looked.....
Yeah, i usually stop looking once I find what Im looking for....
Dont we all?....lol
gigi McClung
A person chooses to do drugs..it's enabling our kids does not help..sad..
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Pt. 1: Ohio State Student Found Ally Kostial case: Mississippi 2 days ago   09:06

The nude body of 21-year-old Ohio State student Reagan Tokes is found in a park, with two gunshot wounds to the head. Why would someone do this to her? Crime Watch Daily's Ana Garcia investigates the story.

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