FROZEN 2 Trailer (2019) I KILL GIANTS Trailer (2018) 5 months ago   02:20

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First trailer for FROZEN 2

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Enjoy the first trailer for Frozen 2!
Sanne Roeland
at 1:50 IM DED whahahahahah elsa's face LMAO

i'm not sure if you can see it but you CAN if you lower the speed to 0.5🤣🤣👌👌
Xerxes Vazquez
Oh hell yes.
Tricia Davis
Does anyone know what the music is that starts at 1:22, because I need to listen to the full version.
Hamish Macfleetwood
No more shitty frozen movie please im getting a headic from them i mean wtf musicals why that s fucking garbage
why can’t Elsa just make an ice bride that’s very tall so she can resist the water?
That water looks real
Dyo Sergey
And somewhere nearby Illidan The betrayer is raising Naga)
buffalo meat
Cant wait for dat soundtrack!!!
محمد شادي
متى موعد العرض لوسمحتو
shafiqah jefri
I bet that lee jin Hyuk will watch this on the first day movie is release
Black and white Kitty squad
Yasss honey
She is lesbian
Jumaimah Makki
Anna looks beauts with that hairstyle
Don Smith
Her real sister is “Tangled” in mystery...😒🤓🧐🤨
My girl is trying to become some sort of water bender too 😂😅😭😍
Lolita Leon
Hi guys who likes Elsa and Anna give me a big thumbs up
Tricia Lagrama
boyfriend was watching one of those videos regarding with the game death stranding (real life locations ) and im shooked because i thought ive seen 0:10 to :12 on one of those scenes here. #give me some knowledge lol 😂
MadzieluvsAnime and japan
Frozen: I almost cringed because everyone is singing.😒
Frozen 2: Well this is going to be more serious and in a whole new level.☺️
Maddie_xo :3
Forget elsa anna looking dead bad with that knife
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