Product Preview 2017/18: POC The American Downhiller: A Historical Bond 1 day ago   03:07

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The American Downhiller: A Historical Bond Product Preview 2017/18: POC 1 day ago   23:01

The history of the American Downhillers goes back to before the advent of the World Cup. The tradition of Americans competing on European soil has formed a camaraderie that spans the test of time. This is their story.

We at Ski Racing Media are passionate about these types of projects and feel that the history of our sport shouldn't be forgotten. Please head over to and check out our work and consider subscribing. ➡️

*This video contains explicit language

Narrated by Steve Porino
Produced by Claire Brown
Cinematography by Susie Theis and Claire Brown
Editing by Roger Carry
Photos: GEPA, Agence Zoom, SR Archive