Jared Harris Reveals He Was Surprised Actor Jared Harris talks 1 day ago   01:30

Larry King
Jared Harris explains that he was surprised Russia had a negative reaction to ‘Chernobyl’ since it happened under a different regime.

Tom Green And Jared Harris On Why He Listens To Negative Criticism: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Pr2utZUZvv4

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Want to see more Jared Harris? Check out this video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/hyTjkn0GbJD

Jared Harris Reveals He Was Surprised At Russia’s Negative Response To ‘Chernobyl’: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/fnjStiIsJKZ


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camarade pierre
it's not russians , it's jewish russians, always the same that did not like it
Completely normal phenomenon.
Ms. A
Because i’ve finished watching Chernobyl now i’m here on youtube 5hours and counting on chernobyl videos
Pallabi Choudhury
I love his voice. Can listen to him speak all day.. ❤️
Mark Danis
Is Larry King dead?
Republic Galaxy
russia cant admit that their liers and guilty with the deaths of thousands of chernobyl people
Wait. Tom green? Lol
Povijest Povijest
Mai Badr
Smart man. He's a terrific actor too.
It's funny how the Russians who are upset with the series say its "because it makes the state look bad", when their reactions are what support their argument.
robin hood
Pretty sure a fair few ministers serving today are the same ones from the soviet era. Or children of those ministers, plenty of "party men" still around.
C Thomas
I like the subtle inference there. Of course, as we all know, Putin was psychologically traumatized by the collapse of the Soviet Union and desperately wants to see a rebirth of the old communist dictatorship. While Russia itself kind of pretends to be moving on and pretends to be a democracy, we all know that the Kremlin is basically just doing what it's always done, the systems and failures of the Soviet regime are still there and still failing as they always have, they just put a veneer of "democracy" over it to keep people quiet. The oligarchy hasn't changed since the "good old days" and if anything the corruption is even bigger now than it was then, because they have access to global markets and we've basically don't nothing for the past 20 years to try to keep Russia in check.
Ksenia Stravinskaya
Most of russians liked the show
The Russian audience by and large loved the show. A couple of brown-nosing state channels decided to try and poke holes in it to impress their overlords or something, and made utter fools out of themselves.
Like, plastic windows and some chronological inconsistencies make that whole show a big CIA propaganda, apparently.
And the biggest irony here is that domestically-produced movies and shows promoted by these same channels paint Soviet history in much, much worse light.
Rules for thee, but not for me.
Duane Locsin
It’s not important what the Russian government thinks, it’s what the Russian people think.
tom tom
Could listen to this man speaking all day
Ваши американские шоу пропагандируют сплошной разврат и содомию, опошляют наших детей жевачкой и джинсами! Россия - великая держава, а вы позорите ее перед всем миром голыми шахтерами, повальным пьянством и радиацией. Разве могла радиация навредить советскому человеку, трудящемуся в поте лица на благо Родины. Да мы в Чернобыль как на картошку ездили в 86 со смехом и апрельской радостью. Ничего вы не понимаете, глупые американцы. Хватить нам все портить, а не то мы отключим вам Интернет!
Just a fan
Actually it's only political outrage. Regular russian viewers gave it 9,1/10 on russian equivalent of IMDB and mostly welcomed response.
....There is nothing sane about Russia...Madness...
Дневник воздержания по дням
Our people liked it. Our propogandists disliked. Not great, not terrible.
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Actor Jared Harris talks Jared Harris Reveals He Was Surprised 1 day ago   05:36