2015 Chevrolet Impala | CarGurus 2015 Chevrolet Impala review 5 months ago   06:52

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The Impala has no trouble merging onto fast-flowing freeways or kicking down a gear for passing power…(but) what makes the Impala enjoyable to drive…is how predictable and consistent it is. Read the full review on CarGurus: http://cargur.us/41xPw.

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Rabbit Skipper
Fake wood. How many automobiles today are made with real authentic wood?
Rabbit Skipper
He actually gave the pavement more of a compliment. Busy dashboard? Road noise? Why are they still making full sized sedans? Do you prefer a cube, smart car or a fiat 500?
You suck as a reviewer, and you need to get off YouTube! If I had 10 thumbs I would give you 10 thumbs down and the impala 10 thumbs up. You're so negative. How bout you just take the bus old man.
Dina Jones
Most honest review. I'm not concerned about back seat and I'm use to road noise w my truck but braking & suspension are more important.
It’s a family car like you said. Why would you need anything manual on it? Stop making stupid comments
It’s a full size car. You aren’t gonna hop into a Cruze or any other vehicle now a day and have as much room.
The dash is not busy. Go into any ford and they are all ugly and busy. Impala has a simple lay out
Jaquon Copeland
I have a 2016 LS and I don't hear the cracking noise when I press buttons
TJ Houston
So you're a contributor into why I have to look at this big ass room taking boxes on the road everyday?
How reliable is it?
RaRa Rodriguez
Omg this review was very foolish! He complained about everrry damn thing 🙄 But i own a 2017 Chevy Impala LT and i just love love love it and im only 32 years old! I get nothing but compliments on the look! Not to mention I’m 6ft tall and just love how much room i have! Everyone love the sporty look! Hope in the years to come they add a little more but overall this is a great car!!!
Another crossover hugger. Crossovers are so ugly and common
Lori Vaughn
This guy...i LOVE my car...hate to have this guy as a dad or husband
yang song
The impala is only 73 inches wide, which is almost the same width as all the mid-size sedans, that is why your wife felt cramped between two car seats. In contrast, the Taurus is 76.2 inches wide. I belt it is much easier for an adult to fit between car seats in a Taurus than a Impala.

By the way , DO NOT ask anybody to fit in the middle back row seat of the Impala, which does not come with a headrest there. It is a suicide when the Impala gets a serious rear-ended accident.
Says the interior is "busy" has clearly never sat in a 2010-2012 Ford Fusion, THAT was a busy interior.
Your shirt looks cheesy!
I own a 2015 impala 1LT, idk what kind of car seats you got but there's no reason why anyone shouldn't fit fine between two car seats in that car...and that's the reason why you don't see merit to buying a full size sedan over an SUV?! The Impala's trunk is stupid big, like my buddies and I fit four full golf bags in there kinda big...but somehow that's not big enough? I could barely fit 2 golf bags in my mother's GMC Terrain of the same year, and I still get better gas milage! This Impala makes me wonder why there aren't MORE full size SUVs on the road, way more manageable than an SUV with comprable space!
Honda Davis
Awesome 😀 😀 2015 Chevy Malibu review .
Peter McM
Saloon not sedan
Derick Martin
This dude sucks!
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Take a look at the 2015 Chevrolet Impala and see why you should put this class leading Flagship Sedan on your shopping list