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The Impala has no trouble merging onto fast-flowing freeways or kicking down a gear for passing power…(but) what makes the Impala enjoyable to drive…is how predictable and consistent it is. Read the full review on CarGurus: http://cargur.us/41xPw.

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Says the interior is "busy" has clearly never sat in a 2010-2012 Ford Fusion, THAT was a busy interior.
Your shirt looks cheesy!
I own a 2015 impala 1LT, idk what kind of car seats you got but there's no reason why anyone shouldn't fit fine between two car seats in that car...and that's the reason why you don't see merit to buying a full size sedan over an SUV?! The Impala's trunk is stupid big, like my buddies and I fit four full golf bags in there kinda big...but somehow that's not big enough? I could barely fit 2 golf bags in my mother's GMC Terrain of the same year, and I still get better gas milage! This Impala makes me wonder why there aren't MORE full size SUVs on the road, way more manageable than an SUV with comprable space!
ford excursion
Awesome 😀 😀 2015 Chevy Malibu review .
Peter McM
Saloon not sedan
Derick Martin
This dude sucks!
Derick Martin
Dam can you say Negative Nancy
blues watchin
One of those guy who bitch about EVERYTHING
Brandon Thames
So much negativity in one review
You can't figure out why full size sedans exist??? Um... how about for space? I had it all set in my mind to buy a Ford Fusion, until I set the driver's seat where I'd use it, and then tried to get into the back seat. Couldn't even get through the back door. So I didn't even test drive a Fusion, and bought an Impala instead, loads of room in the back seat for my (real estate) clients. The space difference was not trivial.
Mudisuda Raman
Seriously what kind of review is this? So much of poppycock. Go to Consumers Reports for an unbiased review.
Timothe Lambert
I don't like his comparisons.
michael tipton
I own a 17 Impala LT with the 4cyl engine. I owned an 08 Malibu new for 10 years and traded it in for this car.
This car fits me much better than the Malibu I loved and when people get in it they are quite surprised. Some think it has a V6 and some thing it's a hybrid running on battery power because it's so quiet. I don't hear any squeaks or rattles in my car either.
Yes it's all black which I understand how most cars are coming these days but that's the only downside I have about this car.
I actually get better mileage in the Impala than I did with my Malibu with the same engine. I usually get 30 MPG combined city/hwy driving.
G Hoffmann
I have the LTZ. I love this car. The engineers and designers have done a excellent job on this car. This guy is really negative but he is allowed his opinion. This car is really upscale and not only the body styling as well as the interior. It is comfortable, quiet, quick with the V6 and loaded with great features not offered in some higher end luxury cars. I truly believe this will be a sought after vehicle once production stops in 2019 which then Chevy will only offer the Malibu as its sedan offering.
Keith Ginyard
Every review i've ever watched this guy do, his negative comments on every vehicle he reviews far outweigh anything positive he might say. Most of the time i just skip right by his reviews because i know what to expect. If most people listened to him, dealership's wouldn't sell any automobiles.
Watt a Flac
Ridiculous snoob reviewer, pretty sure he drives a BMW
Jane Doe
Every option but no fog lights lol
Cosmin Chivaran
Not all people have 2 kids and a wife in the back u dick........my black impala is ballar. Moves the family in style and when it's just me, I feel like a king...
You Sir suck at reviewing cars.
Mikes Belts
My impala is fucking awesome what a great car I’ve had mine for three years now, no major issues with motor, very comfortable ride, and it’s huge inside plenty of space, I highly recommend this vehicle
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