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I Just Bought A Lexus With | The 1990 Lexus Ls 400 Was The Beginning Of Lexus - At Up-Tube.com

I Just Bought A Lexus With The 1990 Lexus LS 400 Was the Beginning of Lexus 3 months ago   19:17

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Today my friend Matt Farah comes by to give me the best gift I've received all year - his beloved Lexus LS400, with one million miles on it. And I have some plans for it.

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Comments 2588 Comments

I've made a final decision on what to do with this car. Check it out here! https://up-tube.com/upvideo/5TZd30uDbUL
bluff gawd
my last three cars have been lexus. 97-early 2000s. one was an LS430 and they r legit. i loved it. really want to get another one lol. looking for a dollar one.
Kal El
400k is normal with well made cars and that car is better than any lambo
Зорян Байда
Ого какой большой пробег у машины.
Doug Lage
"I wish my Lambo started that easily.......muwahhahha"
..........what a turd.
Walter Yellow
Is this Matt Far- oh wait.
Is this Tavarish's Million Mile Lexus?
Savage Sock
Yessssss mod it
John's car hunting
It just reached the brake in period
Moon Moon
For all those who are worried: he's not turboing it. See follow-up video.
Haveland Khuong
My dad had a 1990 ls400 it was a awesome and beautiful car . Congratulations on the Lexus for a dollar and good luck on the turbo build man . You inspire me thanks for making these videos
MSM & NuTech
@14:20 Matt says "it doesn't matter what you say someone is always screaming in the comments".
Guess what I was doing at that time? Trying to force an explanation to you through the computer screen and back in time!!!
I was also cringing at what you where planing to do with it. So glad you decided not to go that way.
...Fellow LS400 owner (but Gen1 - 1989) in Australia.
Lance Archibald
The engines these ls400’s have are bulletproof and they run so smooth
mutsa ushewokunze
Yeessshhh!!! Clearly not all are enamoured with this turbo everything approach.

Even the guy giving you thing for a dollar is not enthusiastic. Clearly at this point you were tone-deaf to the body language

Good thing you read those comments
D Moore
Omg Tavarish. Turbo? Fuck off man
PMac ice
make it a vip ls 400
Matt is not happy about the turbo lol
Jordan Do
why does that interior look cleaner than my dad's ls400 with 190k miles on it. REEEE
Heart Theartist
This is a cool car
Incog kreen033
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The 1990 Lexus LS 400 Was the Beginning of Lexus I Just Bought A Lexus With 3 months ago   24:17

GO READ MY COLUMN! http://autotradr.co/Oversteer

THANKS TO LEXUS OF SEATTLE! https://www.lexusofseattle.com/

The 1990 Lexus LS 400 was the beginning of Lexus -- and one of the first Japanese luxury cars. Today I'm reviewing the original Lexus LS400 to see why the LS 400 had such a huge impact on the car world.

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