Osaka defeats Serena Williams Former President Obama unleashes 2 weeks ago   09:52

Naomi Osaka won her first Grand Slam title Saturday, beating Serena Williams in a controversial US Open Final that saw the American docked a game after calling the umpire a "thief."

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Fake ass CNN. That is not what happened.

She could not have come back to beat Osaka. Osaka is a better player. Serena is a primadonna who thinks her shit doesn't stink.
Pyschotic Eggshell
She’s 20...Damm
Jo Pg
Serena is trash
A Wild Free Pepe
Fake news
Gerald N.
So basically, since a lot of people break the rules, everyone should be able to break the rules.
Nimeshi Fernando
Wow i lost all respect I had for Serena
..poor sportsmanship...
Rabea ally
Transgender Silver back on Roids!!
Mary Smith
Could Serena have won this match if the ump had not penalized her?
one and one
Yeah yeah. "You didn't win, I got sabotaged..". Where's my violin.
Daniel Corregan
Serena took the “just do it” thing too far.
Vijoy Abraham

You are really pathetic. Do you even have a brain. Maybe you should have bribed Carlos just to give the match to Serena. While you are at it maybe bribe Osaka also ? That;s the only way Serena is going to win anymore. She is washed out. She has a ghetto mentality and all the money she has made could not sober her up. The sense of entitlement. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haser Buen
too much white penis is draining her it has weakened her game. It's like cryptonite.
Naomi shoulda laugh right in the monkeys face
Salis Eduardo
Calm down the world is watching you!!!lol
Mel Tan
Embarrassing moments!!!
James Holbrook
CNN almost seemed unbiased for a second but ya she is dumb she knew the rules
Max Lee
what is news about? beside news casts, i only see gorillas.
why that gorilla has to smash the racket?
Is Serena related to mike Tyson?
the illuminati is turning on Serena. Your time is winding up. you need to serve Jesus Serena.
Let me be blunt and honest. Tennis is not a black sports. And so is ice skating (is also not). The hard truth is this is not just the skill. You kinda have the good looking physique to be kinda get good acceptance in the tennis community. The sports itself all around the tennis community is full of sexism and racism. Did it not occur to you that Annna Kournikova did not even have to win a single game and yet the tennis community adored her? This is part of the sexism that a black tennis player more so without the good looking physique will experience in this sports.

Racism, let me give you an example that Serena mentioned 'tennis men brake rackets yet make a career out of it'. If a sexual predator in the past would it be that he would be allowed to be an expert of/commentator about predatory sex? I'm just comparing but that is what John McEnroe is allowed to be a expert of/commentator about Tennis 'Road Rage when he himself in the past committed tennis 'Road Rage'.

Booing crowds of New Yourk Arthur Ashe Stadium - This is not the first time that a crowd booed, jeered a foreign looking player. They did the same thing to Pete Sampras.

The internet community only remembers the performance night of Tennis Championship game which was supposed to be a gala or a pageant night marred by a raging mind who has been a victim for many times of the Tennis community including the organization, fans, players systemic or maybe even Darwinian sexism and racism.

Carlos Ramos sounded foreign too. Looks like everybody try to crucify him and wanted him to 'pay for the wall'. But he followed and within the rules. In the past Serena already built this madness against umpirewoman like saying 'I'll shove this tennis ball in your throat'. Perhaps there is already an animosity built in the past. If you think Ramos was strict yet still he was within the rules. Let me just say a photocamera on a traffic intersection will enforce rules without leniency. I dont think Ramos thinks this way.

Yes racism, sexism, favoritism or whatever 'ism' exists in Tennis sports. And maybe systemic and Darwinian. Don't add anymore ugly behaviour like tennis 'road rage' in the tennis championship gala event.
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Former President Obama unleashes Osaka defeats Serena Williams 2 weeks ago   1:05:04

During a speech in Illinois, Former President Barack Obama said President Donald Trump is "capitalizing on resentment that politicians have been fanning for years" and questioned "What happened to the Republican Party?", in his most pointed rebuke to date of his successor in the White House.