Osaka defeats Serena Williams VİDEO - ABD Açık'ta kaybeden Serena 1 day ago   09:52

Naomi Osaka won her first Grand Slam title Saturday, beating Serena Williams in a controversial US Open Final that saw the American docked a game after calling the umpire a "thief."

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Kylie Krisp
This is literally how analytical these brick heads are: "has Serena been treated unfairly in the past by umpires?" "well during one US Open final match Serena was called for a foot fault and she threatened to shove a ball down someones throat." Then they proceed to discuss how terrible this incident was for Serena. In real life if you threatened to shove a ball down someone's throat you could legally be charged. Also, the rules of tennis don't end because someone is serving on match point. Absolutely ludicrous reporting by American media.
He-Who Hate-me
How many of these dim witted info babes and feminine, low on testosterone, pussy sounding and looking panzies ass terds work for this joke of a news network!! Serena is a giant crybaby who got her big black old ass kicked bye a younger more fit and way better looking Asian hunny!!! They can all go get their bottles and binkie and cry a fucking River
Nathan Barnes
Osaka is the real deal. Definitely will win more slams in the future.
Rauh - Straben
Great Job OSAKA, well done, Serena sucks, so as CNN and all the rats reporting
rumple stiltskin
"BAD HARAMBE".... "BAD".. !!!
Nism00 00
Good job Serena. You fucked up americas rep 🤦🏻‍♂️
Nestor Moreno
Its not the ref/umpire/judge who need to be banned ...
They want equality but then they go CRYING .... REALLY?
What the F--K did her daughter have to do in the rant ?
SORE LOOSER Godzillarena Williams, because she had previously beaten your truck-wide-butt
Martina Vikman
I wish they would talk about Naomi Osaka and her performance instead of giving Serena's tantrum attention.
Other than Mary Carillo , American commentators in general have been sugar coating Serena's US open meltdown even turning it around so that the umpire was at fault or should have been softer. Really pathetic. Mary's objective stance and assessment of the final is available elsewhere on YT. Check it out.
Jeruel Suarez
They keep on saying that coaching from the stands were never penalized except this one match, well, there’s always a first time for everything.
BeZerka Viking
How the entitled take away a great moment for someone else.Cry baby,just like all these liberal athletes.
Since Serena clearly won the popular vote with the crowd, some would say she should have been declared the champion!
Rohit Saxena
what kind of journalism is this ? "kudos to Serena"???.. Are you all sitting here just to appease american losers ? and what is this rubbish about her coming from maternity etc.. ? This was a clear case of a frustrated loser unable to cope up with her fading dominance on the court.. her arrogance and ego kept her going on the respected umpire who ultimately had to call it out !! Please explain why did she not stop after registering her disagreement with the warning ? A true champion would have tried to come back into the game from that stage.. but she went on and on !! The reason of her tantrums is that when she starts losing, she ensures she makes a scene out there so an excuse can be manufactured. She doesn't have the quality of a champion - just winning matches doesn't make one great !! Seriously guys, what kind of reporting are you doing on this show.. disgraceful !
samuel lancaster
It was obvious they want to win us open by American tennis player not Japanese tennis player most of them was pro Serena just what like he said, what a bastardy American audiences , they were outraged
Poor carlos ramos being hated for just doing his job. I really fcking hate cnn so biased! In our country CNN is being hated for biased reporting stupid news station! Serena ruined the game not the umpire morons!
Danielle Brgolie
Serena is awesome I love you Serena
Christian McLean
Straight out from the tree
Carolina H
Miss Naomi Osaka you are AMAZING🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾 GOD BLESS YOU
Wind of Roses
Many scenes show to the world how the American audience are selfish, rude and crazy cowards.
Disgusting monster.
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