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Will The Gtr Make It 1,000 Miles | 【新作】峠スーパーラップ~1000馬力フルブーストGt-Rアタック~@option Super Fes. - At Up-Tube.com

Will the GTR Make it 1,000 Miles 【新作】峠スーパーラップ~1000馬力フルブーストGT-Rアタック~@OPTION SUPER FES. 3 months ago   12:09

B is for Build
In today's episode we roadtrip the GTR 1,050 miles down to Disneyland, and find out some interesting stuff about the GTR along the way.

❱ Shop - http://bisforbuild.com/#shop
❱ Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/user?u=3364742
❱ Facebook - http://facebook.com/bisforbuild
❱ Instagram - http://instagram.com/bisforbuild
❱ Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/bisforbuild

Fareoh - Cloud Ten
DJ Quads - It Just Makes Me Happy

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Señor Notas
Looks way better without wing mate!
paul evans
Mayur Arvindh
im lovin ur videos!!!!
young precise
Put a ducktail spoiler it wood look good
jays sports car adventure
From my liberty walk gtr it looks funny with out the knards
spoilers are now for chav ricers lol only time to had the wing if it actually gives downforce for track racing
Outside looks great, inside looks
Like shit
06:10 is that dust on your dash? At least you could've cleaned the interior a bit before going down to Disneyland..
About the rear wing, it's crap. The car looks so much nicer without it (and without the small one too), the curves of the car and the trunk line is sexy AF.
Should I say something about the seats? I watched the build of this car since the beginning and I couldn't think of one good reason why you swapped the OEM seats. Ok you said you didn't like white seats, but you put so much effort into the Sparco seats + custom heating + hight adjustment.. If I were you I would've just bought black OEM interior or leave the white interior as is. Sometimes OEM parts are just better..
Anyway, I love what you did with the car, this car is the reason why I subbed to your channel. I love your work.
Bony Paul
@5:31 seems like steering is not straight
Son Goku
Why everyone bullieng the wing Jesus Christ
Regine Tuastomban
I told you the wing is not good
ᑕᕼEᘔY MOCs
Car is great looking beast, the wing on the other hand is not that great
fire surfer
Wing pillars were probably too close together.
Sac 916
Charles Cummings
All the dust on the dash lol
El GALLO Blanco
Clean your dash bro
We told him about those seats and we told him about that wing, he doesn't listen
pjm5425phh2136 haji
U talk too much..
Alexander Hetrick
Very nice
Charith Rupasingha
GTR in Sri Lanka is like Bugati Vayron in any part of the world...😢😢
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【新作】峠スーパーラップ~1000馬力フルブーストGT-Rアタック~@OPTION SUPER FES. Will the GTR Make it 1,000 Miles 3 months ago   18:22




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