Will the GTR Make it 1,000 Miles 【新作】峠スーパーラップ~1000馬力フルブーストGT-Rアタック~@OPTION SUPER FES. 2 weeks ago   12:09

B is for Build
In today's episode we roadtrip the GTR 1,050 miles down to Disneyland, and find out some interesting stuff about the GTR along the way.

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Fareoh - Cloud Ten
DJ Quads - It Just Makes Me Happy

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6:04 the bluetoos dovaice is connect ddos suck sis fully .. lool
ModifiedCM Vlog
I was thinking maybe that wing would look good on mine but now that I seen it I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would but very nice build man
Some people warned you about the seats in the very first video.
Prettt cool build! I actually drove my GTR from DFW Texas to Disneyland for a work sales meeting. Awesome drive.
The Wolf Among Sheep
Rush hour don’t wind down out here lol especially never at 7 o’clock
Apsco Radiales
That whole wing is junk. Either get a proper wing or, preferably, leave the damn thing off.
You don't need a wing unless you're doing over 250km/h or are tracking.
The speeds you are probably doing, the wing will do nothing for you other than cause more drag resulting in shittier fuel efficiency.
Jared Konior
I hope you got carbon fiber blocker rings
Jared Konior
For the wing I would use something of a soft material on the wing/truck mount but washer up in the under part of the trunk.
The Grunt
The wing is missing the crossbar that keeps it from wobbling back and forth should be an easy fix just use the same brace you used on the front lip.
Kenny Hendricks
Get a different design GT wing. Install it near to the edge or your bonnet not in the middle.
Kailey Snelson
Juul gang 🤣
No license plates needed for a 1000 miles trip? :D
Karim El Harti
I like everything you did it to GTR but you forgot something you should change the interior roof for black
Mircea M
that it's a fucking ugly, and useless wing
Peter Russ
Well...take that dam ironing board wing off...and leave its ugly ass off
Steven Heke
Anyone gonna talk abot the tinted window inside
How about Recaro Sportster seats? those seem nice and I've heard they are comfortable.
Robert Neves
That boi smoking Juul
Rafael Bucio Jr.
4:59 boo hoo hoo, you want your doors to open automatically too? Or maybe Drive itself?!! Smh
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【新作】峠スーパーラップ~1000馬力フルブーストGT-Rアタック~@OPTION SUPER FES. Will the GTR Make it 1,000 Miles 2 weeks ago   18:22




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