DANIEL MEETS with HACKER 6 months ago   17:54

Exposing Project Zorgo
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After Vy Qwaint made FOLLOW DANIEL & SPY on his PROJECT ZORGO SECRET MEETING (Exploring Abandoned Town Evidence of PZ4), Chad Wild Clay created Is DANIEL with PROJECT ZORGO? Searching for Abandoned Hacker Safe House Exploring Clues & Riddles, Daniel uploaded PROJECT ZORGO CHASE DANIEL Searching for Crystal (24 Hours Challenge with Riddles in Real Life), Daniel continues his conversations with the mysterious contact. The texts on his Apple watch lead him to an abandoned ghost town, however, this secret mystery person doesn't want Chad Wild Clay or Vy Qwaint to know about the location. Because of this, Daniel must remain silent about his old confidant. He receives multiple text messages leading him throughout the deserted town, and has to accomplish a few tasks before his meeting with the secret texter. Daniel has to abandon his CWC merch and wear his iconic white dress shirt (when he use to use the lie detector test), and take the special blue liquid, 78X from Vy. He completes the tasks for the peculiar individual to fulfill a promise that a new safe house will be given to the CWC crew. Can Daniel's old friend actually help? Are they being set up? Will Chad and Vy forgive Daniel for his betrayal? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Exposing Project Zorgo
I hope I can trick the hacker into giving Chad & Vy a new safe house. Should I trust this hacker?
Sylwia Mikler
Pz 4
GamerGirl 3
I saw chad and vy in 47 of the video
Takiera Ingram
no her name is Regina
Manna van der Bergh
mohammed ayman
chad and vy are fowlling u
rohit panchal
Hi Chad and vy myname is shika one hacker name is currently pz9
Lily Thompson
Mr TheGreenPotato
ts PZ4
Is Regina
Lee C
At 3:20 I saw Chad
john pearson
I know her name
Diana LDshadow
It's pz4 reggina
Aaron Pittman
A pz hacker is there
hi Hay
hi Hay
Anitha Sk
chad is lieing
Courtnee Zukowski
i so chad and vy lineing to you and pz4
Beth M
It’s Peezy four
Yen szu Lee
You past trough Chad and vy
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