Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony Graduation speech by UKG Student Naureen 1 month ago   33:27

Van Vleck ISD
Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

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Dale Mize
They did great. Can you tell us the names of these songs and the sources?
adriana gonzalez
Man Boy
Yum Yum Girl
Hosay Boy
Mamrrs Girl
adriana gonzalez
Guleana Girl
Sawbu Girl
Juan Boy
Squiglet Girl
Adriana Girl
Rodu Girl
Ashley Girl
Doyona Girl
Vawbua Girl
Luana Girl
Luna Girl
Leslie Girl
Crihs Boy
Cathe Girl
Gilesau Girl
Mia Girl
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Graduation speech by UKG Student Naureen Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony 1 month ago   01:25

Graduation Day of Teddy Buddies Pre-Sshool