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11 Most Amazing Future Vehicles | Wtf Engineering Mega Machines Idiots - At Up-Tube.com

11 Most Amazing Future Vehicles WTF Engineering Mega Machines Idiots 8 months ago   25:01

Dodo Ultimate
11 Most Amazing Future Vehicles YOU SHOULD SEE
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For Copyright issues, please contact with me ; excoursion@gmail.com
Links :

11- Segway New Honda Segway Concept U3-X : https://goo.gl/9T3EOV

10- Volkswagen's The People's Car Project : https://goo.gl/dJyfU5

9- Toyota FV2 concept : https://goo.gl/wA3Hk5

8- Dubais First Driverless Car Experience : https://goo.gl/nhHkzy

7- Project Skyback : https://goo.gl/1OfrF9

6- BPG Werks DTV Shredder : https://goo.gl/ASuZ0

5- General Motors EN-V Concept : https://goo.gl/rJDa9J

4- Mercedes VARIO Alkoven 1200 : https://goo.gl/udwr3E

3- Scorpion RT Custom Three-Wheeler : https://goo.gl/tmJZAL

2- M400X Skycar : https://goo.gl/HFPaZi

1- IAR-111 Excelsior - E 111 : https://goo.gl/yvLGO5
THANK YOU ! for watching and don’t forget to leave a comment if you like the video : )
Music used :

- Kevin MacLeod - incompetech.com

- NCS YouTube : 'Alan Walker - Spectre [NCS Release]'

- www.bensound.com

- teknoaxe : 'Racing_Supercars_in_Japan' - 'Electron Gun -- ElectroHouse -- Royalty Free Music'

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Comments 672 Comments

Jason Goodall
How does it go with people who are overweight?
hai ph
scrap made by china , logo has vw on it wv will dead by china as well
Why not just walk ? Did anybody think of that?
Gary Lewis
LOL Skycar has been saying "in a few short years..." for 30 years!
Grace Gisel
Nice not a real car presentation. Photoshop?
Fake news
That first one is not amazing
12:25 Das Conzept der Yacht wird mit welcher Energiequelle frei versorgt?
Martin G
Horrid soundtrack. A multi-million dollar, cutting edge luxury yacht, and all you have for it is garage band music?
First one looks unconfortable
Fly Oz
Just dont believe the hover car at all I think this is BS
Sun Rabbit
They all look like they were designed by cokeheads. That whole "wheel within a wheel" thing was from the Book of Ezekiel, so not very original either, just like the typical cokehead. And for the increasingly congested roads of Germany with cars parked on both sides, you need narrower cars than we have now, and not something where the wheel base is outside the body of the car. You can't easily estimate the clearance between cars. Besides, why are we still using roads when we should have teleportation like in Star Trek. You would think that by now you'd be able to get FROM anywhere TO anywhere on the planet in a couple seconds and not have to put up with 29 hour flights from Prague to Sydney.
wei gu
I want to know if the magnetic levitation car can be suspended on the water?
Well that was 25 minutes of my night wasted.... mind you the scorpion was pretty cool.
civilization Money&Interest
UFO가 얼아나 위대한지 역설적으로 알겠네
Jasmine Pichu
that Volkswagen ads is so funny.
LOL that is what happened when you put Chinese management to your good company's name(ruined).
Кора Данько
4.20 пипец на этой левитирующей машине логотип фольцвагена,а тестируют его китайцы ,что за херня ?!
jose caverna pedra preciosa
Muito bom
Aristide Nyx
I aint gonna get myself that Honda U3X. It sure is gonna make you buy a lot of shoes from all that soletip scraping..

And the number 10 looks totally fake. I'm sure they're still on the drawing board trying to make one that fully functions as is. But for now it's just CGI..
daniyal k
The hover car is obviously bullshit
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WTF Engineering Mega Machines Idiots 11 Most Amazing Future Vehicles 8 months ago   11:19

THIS IS WTF Engineering Mega Machines OLDEST EQUIPMENT BUT POWERFUL WORKING the best compilation in the world

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