Venezuela: How long can Maduro hold Nicolás Maduro im Exklusiv-Interview: "Ich 2 days ago   26:10

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Three million people have fled Venezuela, escaping hunger, poverty and political repression under the rule of President Nicolas Maduro. DW's Tim Sebastian asks the Venezuelan Ambassador to the EU, Claudia Salerno Caldera, why should Maduro stay on as leader?
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Mike Walls
Praying for Venezuela Let the people of Venezuela choose. Hope change comes. Let the aid in the people need it
Bryan Delos santos
Venezuela, I think they should follow the Singapore a neutral country very rich small country. Super powers like USA, Russia and China is just playing with the small nations and poor nations.
Worker and parasite 1959
Espero, señora, que le paguen bien por poner la cara por ese régimen asesino tan horrendo. De cualquier manera, muchos latinos sabemos que Maduro es un gorila infradesarrollado intelectualmente y un producto del egocentrismo más bruto de una camarilla de delincuentes. ¿Todas los egresados de la escuela pública venezolana consiguen hablar un inglés fluído como el suyo? Ya que ha perdido la vergüenza, siga haciendo su negocio por un tiempo más, no obstante, con entrevistadores no obsecuentes, como Tim Sebastian, siempre la pasará mal. Vaya a entrevistarse con prensa rusa y turca que eso le sentará mejor.
A lie after ANOTHER .... People in Venezuela are " HUNGRY "
IC Solutions
the human rights abuses are the American sanctions to put the country into desperation and turmoil to steal its oil
Blanca Olmedo
You will see that b@$#& asking for asylum soon. Of course she doesn't want to live in her beloved Venezuela. It's easy to defend communism from the comfort of the first world.
Jon Robichaud
This guys great
Luis Enrique Leon leon
Hello!!! Chavez brought to Venezuela terrorists to scare and kill vzlan citizens....soo thise mafias + maduros mafias + some Venezuelan army ....have been killing in vzla....its not a secret for Venezuelan people.....that woman talking should go back to vezla and live our reality in vzla......
Flamer Melody20
Again the Western countries make the leader they do not want to appear like a monster. The truth is the Western countries were the monster during colonial times and are still monster during this neocolonialism times
Flamer Melody20
America and Western countries. Stay away from Velenzuela's oil and gold
Gilmar Ribas
Fora ditador maduro
Diana Kauffmann
Answering @espoouse de SACRECOEUR You are right in your calculations. And Maduro’s original 6 years would end Jan. 10th , 2019. What happened is that Maduro called for elections ahead of the time stipulated in the constitution: May 2018 instead of December 2018. So he went against the constitution. Moreover, it was a fraudulent election because the electoral entity is controlled by the regime so any party that was against Maduro was disabled and his opponents jailed. And the amount of voters that voted was not a significant amount to make it a “real” election. Additionally, the General Assembly has all along been the only entity freely chosen by the people of Venezuela. The Assembly changes its President every two years, so on January 5th, Guaidó was elected the new Assembly President and January 10th marked the end of Maduro’s original time as president from his first election, which is why he was also sworn in by a parallel unconstitutional Supreme Court. Maduro also unconstitutionally named a parallel unconstitutional National Constituent Assembly. To be sworn in by the parallel Supreme Court is also against the Constitution because no entity is above the National Assembly, so on January 10th , Guaidó, as President of the National Assembly and using articles 233 & 350 which allow the President of the National Assembly to assume the Presidency of the Republic if there is a violation of the Constitution, as there repeatedly has been with the Maduro regime. There is much more to this, and this is the short of it. I hope this sort explains all that has been going on during these exciting, scary and often times confusing moments in our history! Thank you for asking. It made me relook at the timeline of the events! Have a wonderful day!!
Nan Hin Ting
DW must have been paid very well to tell lies. Gosh how media can make or break a person or country. Don't they learn from recent history? Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc...Please hands off Vanezuela. Show proof that the regime is corrupt instead of hurling lies after lies at Maduro's government. The people of Vanezuela are suffering because of US sanctions and economic blockage and the withholding of their sovereign wealth. May God bless Vanezuela with all the strength to withstand this unfair onslaughts.
Johnny Lopez
The crime is stopping food for starving people.
Eva Alvarez
Así tiene que ser una entrevista a estas basuras. A ellos les encanta huir de las preguntas culpando a quien sea. Y como sea.
Juan Antonio Alvarado
How many violations occur in Germany in which the violators are foreigner Refugees? Who should defend the violated persons? So, Mrs. Merkel is the dictator who is not defending German citizens. We should elect a Prime Minister in Germany, because Mrs. Merkel is not assuming and fullfilling her duties as Prime Minister… We hope that AfD has something to say in this respect.. How can be possible that Mrs. Merkel is not repressing violations of rights of German citizens?
Javier Camacho
Que jeva mas hdp ojalá la regresen con toda su familia y disfrute de lo que han "disfrutado" el resto de los venezolanos de a pié, que se haga justicia con ellos.
la maldita quedó humillada
NO. Maduro is NOT lasting 6 years. Ask her where she is moving to once maduro is OUSTED!
Clyde Barratt
Why is everyone saying this isn’t an interview, it’s an interrogation, since when are reporters not allowed to be tough especially when she’s there dodging all the questions trying to paint a good picture of maduro, the persons commenting should read on what’s happening in Venezuela and then say something and I think they might understand the frustration is probably going through listening to her.
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Nicolás Maduro im Exklusiv-Interview: "Ich Venezuela: How long can Maduro hold 2 days ago   26:25

In einem Exklusiv-Interview erläutert der venezolanische Präsident Nicolás Maduro die Krise in seinem Land. Er spricht auch darüber, wie sich ein Krieg in Venezuela vermeiden lässt. Maduro wird von einer Reihe westlicher Staaten nicht mehr als Präsident anerkannt.

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