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The Most Expensive Home In U.s. | 1415 Devlin Drive | Sunset - At Up-Tube.com

The Most Expensive Home in U.S. 1415 Devlin Drive | Sunset 1 year ago   07:02

Tri-Blend Media
The Most Expensive house in U.S. | 924 Bel Air Rd. California


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Rune Christensen
Love this video, so inspirational to do well in life
Adam West
"Yep .. Yep... Ok, got it. I gotta go. My supermodel wife just landed on the porch in our helicopter."
Peanut Butter
Why is it still unsold? Bc despite the decadence it has no style; whoever designed this just assumed someone would buy it for the prestige of owning the most expensive house in the US - a fallacy. When you buy a house that expensive you're gonna want it customized top to bottom and build your own house - not pay an extra 100$ million for ugly and expensive shit
Peanut Butter
Imagine being his next door neighbor. After spending millions of dollars on your dream home, you have to hear his helicopter's noise on his work commute. Anyways I usually love these LA megamansions but this one looks like a hotel. And what's with that random rectangular room in the middle of the lawn? What's it do?
Meme Man Wizard Master
There are so many things that piss me off about how this house is designed, i guess if you like living at a hotel with horrible floor plan decisions this is the exorbitantly expensive house for you.
Lukaz Moha
I all puy this house believe me this account YouTube is not my my name is Abdirahman khalif and I will puy this house forreal 🥃🥂
i couldn't even afford to fill one of those candy dispensers
T Rex
You offer financing?
250m is nothing I'll buy it
Does someone live there. I was going to buy it when I was older and richer.
Dudaah Silva
Imagine how many cameras there are in this house for the owner to watch who will live there
boots with the fuUUr
I keep on imagining that I bought this house for my family and it feel so good 🥺 *THAT’S IT IMMA STUDY HARDER*
Joe Conner Deck
Mom:Go to your room!
Kid:*an hour later* slams door
Putu Juniartha
anti social house...
Nicholas Malmgren
Definitely not the best
Alex Philip
Thank you God for blessing me with this house
Matty Wanders
Well that's baller af.
Andy Power
Yo, that is a fake helicopter. It doesn't fly; just for decoration.
There is no permission - for anybody - to fly over bel-air....
nabil fiqkry
ia hanya sementara👌
GSXR 750
So, that's what it takes to make a person happy....always wondered...
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1415 Devlin Drive | Sunset The Most Expensive Home in U.S. 1 year ago   04:15

1415 Devlin Drive | Sunset Strip, California