Driving Real Tanks....and then Dropping Giant Sword from 1 day ago   14:30

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Thanks to World of Tanks for a fun day! This will all make sense when I release the Demo Ranch video in a few weeks.

All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!

All Mere's Stuff:


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@DemoMatt, thanks for finally supplying us with Flexfit hats! I'm a bit late but nonetheless I'm glad i was able to pick one up! Thanks again!
Bob Breit
Tanks for that video.
Alaric Birkhold
how long till matt tries to get a tank
Douglas Ryan
Lol Matt “tanks are loud” try being on a Amphibious Navy ship with 30 of them in the well deck, all of them on and jumping out into the ocean!
Kyle Boise
What is the damn song when you are on the plane!?
Karilee K
Congratulations Allie!
Dynasty 22
Matts the type of guy to save $130 not sleeping in a hotel but spend $13k on an uzi
Brandon Cauthorne
Love the flex fit option would definitely buy if it was in line w normal flex hats around the $25 range but 35 is a bit high
Mr. Radio Pants
The chick looks like the girl from John wick 1
Sweet! Just ordered the shirt 👍👍👍
E Flo
Ohh great the 2 biggest sh!tbags on YouTube!!!!
Leonard Cavaretta
Is this the same little sister that just graduated Vet School?
Mauricio E. Serrate Roca
What is the name of that pussy?
That end of video plot twist though...
What is that first song called?
The humvee will be the perfect car when the kids start to date.
They can’t talk and they’re farrrrr away from one another.
Manda's Mess of Miscellany
bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *evil grin*
Peter Acosta
The yee’s yee’s 😂😂😂
GM pick
Haven’t been on this channel in a while and this is what YouTube stardom going to you head looks like. Goodbye
No Akomplice
So... You’re not driving tanks, you’re riding in a tank.
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Dropping Giant Sword from Driving Real Tanks....and then 1 day ago   16:37

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All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!