Driving Real Tanks....and then She Let Me Buy This Car!!! 1 day ago   14:30

Memorial Day Fundraiser shirt https://www.bunkerbranding.com/products/some-gave-all-memorial-day
Hats https://www.bunkerbranding.com/collections/demolition-ranch-hats

Thanks to World of Tanks for a fun day! This will all make sense when I release the Demo Ranch video in a few weeks.

All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!

All Mere's Stuff:


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Philip p
JP Army
Aloha Jonah
For anyone wanting to know matt is driving a russian t54 tank
Can we have a memorial t-shirts for all the other counties who served in the military please?
Joe Haddow
The one enemy tank I definitely know what it is, is a M4 Sherman variant and the tank you drove was a T-62 Russian tank I think
Ethan Elliott
Braille skateboarding is awesome and would help link with his skating worth a look love Ur channels
what tank is this? some1 plz tell
Only your family has wedding cars that are humvee's
Jonathan Llaneras
He can ride the skateboard better than me
Randal Parks
Dr Matt you really ARE a big brother! My congrats to the newly weds!
Aidan Fanning
Loved the vid so far
1:44 i was hoping you'd drop us into the clouds XD
Adam Baker
Hah, MILES gear on the tank.. that shit rarely worked
Jeremy K541
I’m surprised that moron the man spot wasn’t pointing a tank at everybody and then saying “I always triple check safety first I’m only pointing an “unloaded” gun at my friends and family so I can get views... Sweet dude you have some crappy guns and a blatant disregard for safety or the example being set by a self proclaimed freedom loving gun lover with a big tattoo.... We get it and we all love America and we’d love it more without the wannabe Instagram gun guys making responsible armed citizens look like maniacs Matt slap that idiot. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bobbie Hayden
Any news on the dog dozer?
WOW goes to minnesota, but didnt hit up the largest candy store, disappointed lol, you will regret it, trust me
Pepe Lepeu
That Alex girl is hot 😍😍😍
JAkak DUsiosj
10:26 Am I watching Ali-A?
Julie Reis
WOW! So much work and pressure for your sister! Graduation and planning a wedding!!! OMG!!!!!!!! 😲😮😲😮
So I just want to say, I ordered this shirt and received my order this past Tuesday. Was super excited but instead of my shirt I was sent Meres tank top lol. Long story short I spoke to Devin at customer service, was a peach to deal with and way beyond apologetic. Fact is bunker branding is still a fairly new venture and mistakes will happen. Given the time of year and memorial day weekend this is 100% understandable. Moral of this post? A familly owned company with impeccable customer service will continue to have my business 👍🇺🇲 keep kicking ass and doing what you do!
Yash O
1:26 Song?
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She Let Me Buy This Car!!! Driving Real Tanks....and then 1 day ago   14:33

Well......the signed knives sold out in about 8 hours.... you guys are crazy!!! Thanks for the love! I guess we should do this again. In the meantime, we still have unsigned knives at https://skifknives.us/

All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!