NATO meeting to be dominated by tensions Ukraine-Russia: EU 'extremely concerned', Kyiv 5 months ago   04:14

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New tensions between Russia and the West are set to dominate a NATO meeting in Brussels today. The US is expected to use the gathering to increase pressure on Moscow to comply with a 1987 treaty on nuclear weapons. Washington accuses Russia of violating what's known as the 'INF' treaty by building a banned cruise missile. Moscow denies the claims. For now, Europeans appear to have have persuaded the US to delay plans to withdraw from the treaty. But as DW's Teri Schultz reports, fears are growing that Europe's security could be under threat.

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moomin troll
It will be better if they and all other countries make more so that when it goes off and the missiles fly there is zero chance of survival,after all,who would want to live after that kind of thing goes down?
reagan was a great peace keeper🤗
David Reynoso
BEWARE Russia( Go NATO. )
LeShaun Jenkins
Human being are so violent..
INF treaty only bans land based medium range missiles.

As they openly communicated on the internet, Russians have developed new medium range missiles which will be launched from river boats. They stated that this will not breach the INF treaty and it is meant to uphold balance of power against US forces which have installed missile launchers along the Russian border. Additionally, US has many Navy ships today with the capability to launch medium range missiles which are not covered by the INF treaty.

Could it be that these missiles condemned by NATO are river boat launched missiles which comply with the INF treaty and US/GB claims are misleading like the ones they spread before the Iraqi war?
Samar Hussain
China only needs Pakistan who can not only destroy whole NATO but the whole planet with its thermonuclear capabilities.
Look at little trump tryin to boss up on THE PUTIN ! Lol goofy guy
Kostas K
US regimes hasn't honoured one single agreement or treaty since they were created, furthermore they haven't said a word of truth since they became a country, they are evil and deceptive. Be careful world, they are not getting into this new rhetoric for nothing they have a plan something is coming.
Straight Flyer
Ukraine should build nukes. Then countries will leave them alone and they'll have their freedom.
ناظم الغزالي
Jesus Christ will destroy every weapon u have America Nato Satan worshippers
Putin Vladimir
INF Treaty The agreement on the liquidation of medium-range missiles is a treaty signed by the USSR and the United States in 1987, which provided for both the breakdown of arsenal ballistic missiles and cruise missiles of 1000-5500 km), and a short (from 500 to 1000 km), and not produce, test and develop others in the future.

Moscow has several questions about Washington on the implementation of the treaty by the Americans themselves. In particular, Russia indicates that the United States is deploying on land in a military base in Romania, as well as in Poland, installations capable of launching Tomahawk-type cruise missiles, prohibited by the agreement. In addition, the United States is developing attack drones and funding searches to create ground-based cruise missiles. With their decision to withdraw from the treaty on medium-range and short-range missiles, the United States is threatening its allies in Europe, where the missiles were withdrawn in 1987.
In this case, Russia will be forced to aim its missiles against states that will allow the United States to risk these missiles on their territory. "And these are virtually all NATO states that have lost sovereignty, so now Europe will have to live again under the threat of Russian missiles, first of all Germany, France, Britain and perhaps Italy, where there are American bases : under these conditions, the improvement of relations between Russia and European countries must be forgotten.

A historical coincidence, almost exactly 30 years after the signing of the treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States on medium and short range missiles, the US Congress announces a moratorium on its execution, but in reality wants to break the strengthening of the ties between Russia and Europe.
Michael Mole
They said they haven't violated the agreement that the missile is with in agreement of the range terms of the agreement what are the ranges and what is the range of their missiles? If they really are why not keep the agreement and develop the same missiles right up to "compliance" just like them
So a second cold war but this time with China? lmao
Daniel Marinkovich
Putin is not Gorbachev ....and its not 1989 dont provoke ww3 its bad for humanity . .
Be Progressive
Orange man is the biggest threat to world peace.
D Irwan Edy
NATO just slaves to USA.
Nelson King
This reporting is incorrect. Russia has not "admitted" to having built any such missile. There has been no evidence that Russia is non-compliant except the word of the USA. Russia has promised to respond if the USA pulls out of this treaty just like they responded when the USA unilaterally pulled out of the ABM treaty. The USA is a pull out merchant. The most likely scenario is that the USA already has such missiles and just need an excuse to pull out so they can deploy them in Ukraine or sth.
Thats Nodildo
jesus people we have been through this. Can we just throw away our nukes? We're heading to a point of no return and its getting kinda scary.
Michael Kealoha
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah D.T.T. don't trust trump.
Susdey Sun
INF ?it is just a rubbish word. At this point of time, everybody is secretetly trying to dominate another one by building and testing its new weapons. At the end, they will use those weapons to kill all.
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Ukraine-Russia: EU 'extremely concerned', Kyiv NATO meeting to be dominated by tensions 5 months ago   02:04

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