NATO meeting to be dominated by tensions Ukraine-Russia: EU 'extremely concerned', Kyiv 2 months ago   04:14

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New tensions between Russia and the West are set to dominate a NATO meeting in Brussels today. The US is expected to use the gathering to increase pressure on Moscow to comply with a 1987 treaty on nuclear weapons. Washington accuses Russia of violating what's known as the 'INF' treaty by building a banned cruise missile. Moscow denies the claims. For now, Europeans appear to have have persuaded the US to delay plans to withdraw from the treaty. But as DW's Teri Schultz reports, fears are growing that Europe's security could be under threat.

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Ukraine-Russia: EU 'extremely concerned', Kyiv NATO meeting to be dominated by tensions 2 months ago   02:04

Ukraine-Russia: EU 'extremely concerned', Kyiv calls for sanctions…

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