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Top Talent
Watch all the amazing auditions (WEEK 3) on America's Got Talent 2019 (AGT). What did you think of the best performances?? Let us know in the comments below...


▶︎ Charlotte Summers

▶︎ Dom Chambers

▶︎ Marina Mazepa

▶︎ Carmen Carter

▶︎ Edson & Leon

▶︎ Sethward

▶︎ Kevin Schwartz

▶︎ Mackenzie

▶︎ Yuriyan Retriever

▶︎ Michael Paul

▶︎ Tyler Butler-Figueroa - GOLDEN BUZZER

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sad foxxo
"How can you boo an animal"
Everyone is an animal~
Hana Atoa
Hana Atoa
This is very funny man luv it
travis foreman
idc, i love everyone
Tyler Chedister
First girl’s voice was deep as FUCK for a 13 year old wtf
Jennifer Oviawe
48:46 What the hell kind of question did Simon just ask???? He just fell of the stage and this is what he asks him.
AKAMugnuts !
The last girl was very funny and quick in her feet with her wit. She deserved some recognition for that.
Didn’t the Tambourine guy use the same style and song?
that first act was spectacular
Aleksandar Vlajkinovski
Lets be the friend... Oh oh ok.... Hotel room 344 😂
Aleksandar Vlajkinovski
I dont know what's happen but that sea lion make me lough like crazy.... 😂😂😂😂
Aleksandar Vlajkinovski
Wooow first girl.... Didn't see that coming
Jayde Ritchey
Japanese acts always want to take off their clothes lol As soon as anyone on Asia's Got Talent says they're from Japan, you know they're gonna end up in a speedo or bathing suit lol
When ur supposed to go to bed and u realised u watched and hours long video! 😲🤤😴
Dean Timmerman
Threes company
Gappi Cool
Marina 😍
Gappi Cool
Violin kid Tyler won the heart
Salad Cat
I fear the walrus
cookie,tiger und filou
I feel bad for the sea lion
Honey Honey
American Got Talent always make me cry every season that I've been watching. It's always have a touching story on the stage. It's always make me cry yet Happy at the same time, cause even If they been going through a really hard time in their life but they never gave up.
The kid who plays the violin! OMG! 😭😭
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