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Peoria, Illinois is home to Peoria Riverfront Museum, Caterpillar Visitors Center, great annual events, attractions, shopping, dining minor league baseball, Peoria Civic Center and much more. Come to Peoria early and stay out late with all the exciting attractions and things to do in Peoria. Peoria's unique riverfront location plays host to numerous outstanding live entertainment opportunities in the warmer months. Come and sample the different marvelous wines at one of Peoria's three area wineries. Shop till you drop at our wide variety of malls and chic boutiques or set out on an adventure and experience the nature that Central Illinois has to offer at the local Peoria Zoo or the Wildlife Prairie Park. There's so many ways to "Play in Peoria,"

During the spring seasons Peoria, Illinois hosts the IHSA State Basketball March Madness Tournament, garden shows, music festivals and more. With the heat of summer, it's the perfect time to head to Splashdown Waterpark to cool off or swing by the riverfront in the evenings to enjoy a variety of concerts at the CEFCU Center Stage. The fall months are the ideal time to take a tour on the Spirit of Peoria or a short drive to Morton for the annual Pumpkin Festival. The cool winter time is the only time to experience the East Peoria Festival of Lights or see the longest running parade in America, the Santa Claus Parade.

Where to Stay
Whether you're looking for a luxurious downtown Peoria hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast, the Peoria area offers nearly 4,000 rooms to choose from. The hotels have countless amenities to make your stay in Peoria one to remember. With accommodations like heated indoor swimming pools, complimentary breakfast, high-speed internet, airport shuttles and plenty of group meeting space, the Peoria Area's hotels are sure to be prefect for every different occasion.

Restaurants in Peoria, IL
From all-American fried chicken to sushi, steak and barbecue, Peoria restaurants will make your taste buds tingle and satisfy every budget. Peoria's delightful dining is distinctive to say the least. The Peoria riverfront provides the unique opportunity to eat while gazing out at the Illinois River. Also, the riverfront is Kelleher's Irish Pub & Eatery; here you can experience traditional Irish foods as well as numerous cocktails. Along the riverfront is the Rhythm Kitchen Music Café, where live music is played most nights and the atmosphere gives you a chance to relax and recharge. Alexander's Steakhouse has been the place to get your steak cooked just the way you want it in Peoria since 1983. You can either cook it yourself or have a trained chef cook it for you. It's your choice. To feed your seafood appetite, consider the Jonah's Seafood House, with a versatile menu and daily specials. With so many different restaurants in Peoria, you'll find the perfect spot for a meal during your stay.

Peoria Area Shopping
Looking for an excuse to shop while visiting the Peoria Area? Try the funky and fabulous home and gift shops lining the river on downtown Peoria's RiverFront, or those paving the way in Peoria Heights, Washington Square, or Princeton. You'll find stores of all types in shopping centers such as Metro Centre, Junction City or Sheridan Village. Don't miss a stroll through one of the malls including the Shoppes at Grand Prairie.


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Lavonia Duda
Cool vid.
Elizabeth Farrell
Truly enjoyed this. :)
Retrox Clan 88
This town low key sucks 😂
0:06 that's in pekin Illinois not Peoria I live in pekin that's the lagoon
Benjamin Garrett
I use to wake up smelling fresh baked bread outside in the morning, from the bakery around the corner.
Now, I smell... almost nothing, or, justbthe damn river that needs to be cleaned out.
B Purcell
I live near there in Metamora, but 1:01 WEIGHT! at the top of the screennnnn
Don't live in Peoria my niece got molested and raped at the age of 6 there. The p.o.s. guy got no jail time in this corrupt city.
There is nothing there but oppression, depression and racism.
its_Mimigamer 31
I live in peoria I'm so lucky it's beautiful here
Avalynxmariee _
Peoria is not as fun as this video says... Peoria is so stupid
Man that river is sooo dirty haha
E m e r s o n B e h a r e l l e
I used to live there but I live in La now
Melanie Steinseifer
Home Town kinda team east Peoria
i still prefer Aurora or any other chiraqn suburb
Jai Clark
Peoria is not bad. I have friends in Peoria. I go to Peoria every month. I never had a problem. I live in the QC.
SilverMist Gamer
I'm moving here tomorrow x.x
Terence Hodges
Peoria is actually an underrated city. Yes, there are parts of the city with high crime, poverty , and drug use, but that isn't the entire city. If you read comments about Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, or any other major or medium sized city you will find negative comments as you do here. I think it's important to have pride in where you come from and though i'm not from Peoria, I have been to the city numerous times and there are residential areas that are really beautiful. Not to mention it has as many amenities (i.e theater, restaurants, museums, etc) as some of the larger cities and isn't remotely as bad as many of the comments written below. I would stay away from the south end, that's where you will find a majority of the crime. If you are college educated or have employable skills you should do just find in P-City.
People listen up this city ain't that bad go to other city's yes it has its bad areas everywhere does so get over it
BigNut 412
YAY THIS IS WERE I LIVE:D I HOPE ILL NEVAH DIE. but what if isis attacks it?? :,( 1 moment i feel happy another moment i feel sad
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